API Key Management

Manage API keys, apply rate limits and control access.

Key management and provisioning with less hassle

Access control is essential to making sure you know who uses your API, how much they can use it, and what methods or endpoints are available. The 3scale API management platform allows admins to manage group policies, authentication, access, and application plans from a centralized dashboard.

Issue and Revoke API Keys

Each 3scale account has built-in support for various authentication patterns, including simple API key credentials, application ID and key pairs, and OAuth v1 and v2 client tokens. You can choose the authentication method that meets your security requirements; 3scale also supports the addition of IP address filtering or referrer domain filtering in conjunction with any of these authentication methods. API keys can be issued live or can be set to require moderator activation, and you can revoke access for specific keys with just a few clicks.

Apply rate limits and access controls

3scale also allows you to apply rate limits per developer or per application, so you can adjust usage and transactions by plan level or set limits for specific developer accounts. You’ll also have the ability to create and apply access tiers, so you can restrict access to specific methods. You can even build in pricing rules to dictate what happens after limits are reached, and automatically include overage charges in your monthly invoice to the user.

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