API traffic control

Powerful control in the data flow

  • Hybrid architecture provides unmatched performance, flexibility and complete control.
  • Traffic control that deploys in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Deliver at scale with reduced security risk.

With 3scale, your API traffic comes direct to you while being managed in the cloud.

Choose your deployment method—open source gateway, free hosted cloud service, or plugin —which acts as a policy manager to control access to API endpoints and track traffic. The result is a centralized overview that puts real control where it’s needed—in the data flow, not just a firewall to pass the data through.

Flexible Architecture

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud with no proprietary software or black box required. Add access to 3scale APIs to connect to all your critical systems. and you have unmatched performance, flexibility and complete control.

API traffic can flow directly to origin data centers and not through the management layer itself, and asynchronous communication allows local nodes to cache credentials and usage information without making a round trip to 3scale for each incoming call.

Secure and Scalable

Most vendors require you to pass the entire API call through the API management layer, which can hinder performance and impose unnecessary security risk.

With 3scale, traffic does not need to leave your infrastructure – instead, 3scale’s traffic control elements inspect the header of an incoming call, and authenticated calls are completed with a minimum of interference. Your data does not need to leave your secure server environment, eliminating the security risks associated with passing data outside your organization’s firewall.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?