APIcast Cloud Hosted Gateway

The fastest, easiest way to get up and running on 3scale

Launch faster

3scale APIcast lets you deploy on a cloud API gateway service in just a few clicks, without modifications to backend code. APIcast is free to use and supports up to 50,000 API transactions per day, making it the perfect solution for low- or moderate-volume APIs. Enterprises can use APIcast for staging and quick testing.

All the standard features

APIcast is available through 3scale’s complete API management platform, which offers streamlined access management, traffic and usage reports, and monetization features. The platform also includes a built-in developer portal and interactive documentation based on the Swagger framework. Just sign up and get started.

Getting started is easy.


Log in to your 3scale API management account


Navigate to API > Integration in your 3scale admin portal.


Declare your private base URL (the current public base URL of your API) in the staging section and hit save.


Click Deploy and stand back — your cloud API gateway is now ready to use!

“Helping to grow the API ecosystem is at the heart of everything we do, and the APIcast cloud-hosted gateway helps make that happen by making APIs even easier to launch and run.”

— Steven Willmott, CEO, 3scale

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?