Making API documentation user friendly, interactive, intuitive, and clear is a top concern of API providers.

With 3scale ActiveDocs, based on the Swagger Framework, your developers can explore APIs live from documentation web pages. Just add a Swagger-compliant specification to your API, add it on your Admin Portal, and the interactive documentation is immediately available for developers.

Why we love Swagger

Swagger is an Open Source Framework that makes API documentation and exploration friendly and easy. It’s a very simple, but powerful RESTful representation of your API. With it developers can learn, play, test, and debug every single element of your API. Plus, it makes their life simpler when it comes to developing apps.

Making it happen is really simple

No need to run your own Swagger server or deal with UI components with ActiveDocs – the interactive documentation is served and rendered directly from your 3scale Developer Portal. We also extended the Swagger specification in several ways to accommodate features for our own API documentation, including:

  • Auto-fill of API keys
  • Operations grouping by colors
  • Support for more complex data types: hash, array, custom

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?