Set up pricing rules. Issue invoices. Collect payments.

  • Define and set up pricing rules for application plans
  • Generate invoices via API at custom frequencies
  • Handle multiple types of credit card payments

Setting up pricing rules, invoicing and collection with our PCI compliant system is simple.

We make it easy to reap the benefits of sharing your data assets through simple in-product integrations with popular payment options like Stripe, Braintree,, and Ogone. Define application plans for different segments of your developer community, and automatically impose overage charges or throttle activity.


Define paid plans and payment rules for your API

Depending on your business goals for your API and the features and data you’ve made accessible, you may want to offer a combination of free and premium access to your API, or provide several levels of paid access to account for different developer needs. API monetization usually relies on a pricing model which considers some or all of the following factors:


Volume or usage

The most straightforward way to define plans is based on volume or usage tiers. The customers with higher call volumes typically derive more value from access to the API. 3scale lets you apply this pricing model either based on a global hit count for calls made to the API, or apply it with more granularity at the method level. You can also choose whether you want to allow a customer to continue making calls after reaching the call limit for his or her plan, and whether you’d like to implement overage pricing for API calls after the plan limit has been reached.



Enabling access to certain endpoints or methods is another way to define different plan levels or distinguish between standard and premium plan levels. Customers pay more to access more advanced features or higher-value features, while users on lower-cost or free tiers are still able to use your API in a productive way.

Resource usage

Pricing plans sometimes take into account the share of infrastructural costs driven either directly or indirectly by customers in each plan tier. Number of users, bandwidth consumption, and support availability or SLA terms are all common ways to apply resource usage to your pricing model.

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