Gain and share API program insights

  • Understand and control your API traffic
  • Identify your most active users, applications, and methods
  • Pinpoint traffic patterns and optimize your API infrastructure

Share performance insights across the organization with crisp, clear API analytics and reporting.

In conjunction with rate limits, monitoring, and built-in webhooks functionality, teams can use 3scale’s analytics features to monitor usage, trigger operations or workflows in related systems, and implement tracking for any countable metric.

3scale allows you to define the metrics and methods you want to track for each endpoint. Depending on the use case for your API, you may wish to track any or all of the following for each application or account:

Overall traffic volume (hits or transactions) against one or more services or endpoints

CPU hours, such as compute time or use of another internal resource

Data transfer volume in MB or GB of data uploaded or downloaded via the API

The number of data objects or records being returned per call

3scale’s flexible and customizable analytics allow you to monitor API usage and send notifications when a user hits the API call limit.

All analytics data from 3scale can be accessed and delivered via the 3scale Analytics API or downloaded as a .csv file. Daily or weekly traffic reports, which contain a summary of new subscribers and top applications by usage, can also be delivered automatically via email.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?