FightMetric Delivers Knockout Data On Fight Night With Rock-Solid API Management

FightMetric is the only comprehensive data provider for mixed martial arts and is the official statistics provider to its most prominent league, the UFC. As the next step in its evolution as a data provider, FightMetric built an API in 2012 to serve as a solid endpoint to address the exacting demands of sport and media customers.

Customers such as ESPN and UFC itself wanted more complex data and analytics, but they also wanted easier access to it. An API would meet both of these needs by providing data in a format that customers could parse easily on either the server or client side and use in their own content. It needed to be human-readable from the API call to the returned data, making life easy on developers too.

On fight night, the data the FightMetric API delivers includes up-to-the-second information. This meant they couldn’t use an API management solution that would re-deliver their data. The latency introduced by CDNs would result in stale data. What they needed was a fast, external authorization service, which 3scale offered from day one.

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