FullContact APIs: Scaling A Business Model


Founder and CEO Bart Lorang realized that “APIs offer a compelling business model” for FullContact – “we build our API once, our partners innovate new, deeply integrated apps, and with proper management and documentation we all enjoy a greatly reduced level of effort the API side.”

The FullContact team investigated a few different options in search of a cloud solution that would provide simplicity, speed to market and rapid integration for their developer ecosystem. They wanted a model that would scale and support continued growth, while maintaining the same high level of understanding of their business metrics.

They investigated various models such as the perpetual licensing and “as-a-service” architectures before deciding on 3scale. FullContact liked the way 3scale works as a set of backend cloud services that can be called from many different integration points. They decided that 3scale would be the right solution to help them rapidly expand their partner channel.