Growing The World Of Giving With APIs

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JustGiving wanted to be able to take advantage of opportunities for increased efficiency and help less tech savvy non-profit organizations connect with supporters. Despite the uncertainty around adoption, they decided to go forward with a set of RESTful services that would accelerate innovation by allowing charities to build and develop new features for their apps and websites.

JustGiving’s customer-parter ecosystem has been pivotal to their API experience. Developing their API services with one influential partner helped pave the way for a cascade of growth and innovation in an industry that was hesitant to take on the new technology.

Cancer Research UK, the largest charity in the UK, was a key partner in the early stages of the API program. The organizations worked together closely through the summer of 2010 to develop the core methods around a key campaign, Race for Life. Given the way charities watch each other in the space, inevitably major players in the sector followed Cancer Research’s lead.