Uptime Performance For Scribe Customers

Scribe’s API is central to its technical design, allowing the company to deploy numerous plugins and modules for different platforms, while centralizing the analysis on its servers through the API. Since the API would be at the core of their product, API monetization and management were crucial considerations for the technical team from the beginning. They knew they would need a solution that met their uptime performance requirements, as any outage would mean significant financial losses and unhappy customers.

After reviewing numerous options, from building a solution internally – which diverted too much resource to be effective and efficient – to outsourcing to the top players in API management, Scribe’s development team selected 3scale.

3scale met Scribe’s uptime and the scalability requirements. Its unique plug-in architecture offered rapid integration, simplicity and unparalleled customer service. API management is crucial to the success of Scribe’s business, and according to Sean Jackson, CFO of Copyblogger Media, “3scale’s price, reliability, support and features made them a clear winner. 3scale does what they promise: API management made simple.”