API A Commercial Success e-commerce api

The goal of’s Public API is to provide developers access to its extensive catalog of wine and wine-related content in a way that is open and easy to use. The e-commerce API is built using REST principles, and developers can retrieve content in either XML or JSON format.

  • Take advantage of new digital channels without additional IT resources
  • Create brand awareness
  • Support flexible range of educational and revenue-driving apps through affiliate model
  • Mobile enable in-app commerce for select partners investigated several platform providers in search of a cloud solution that would provide rapid integration and speed distribution. Because targets emerging marketing communication and e-commerce channels such as social and mobile, they appreciated 3scale as both an infrastructure provider and also for strategic counsel for planning, deploying, and managing the API initiative.

For example, wanted a portal for developers to make it simpler to learn how to explore, test and debug their particular app. 3scale provided the power and flexibility they anticipated for effective distribution and enhanced application performance for geographically dispersed customers of Web, social and mobile apps.