3scale Support’s Top 5 All-Time Troubleshooting Favorites

Working at 3scale support means that we get to see and work with a lot of great APIs and setups. However, getting things up and running at the beginning isn’t always plain sailing and it’s not uncommon to hit some […]

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API versioning methods, a brief reference

This post lists the most common methods in use to version your API. Its intention is not to convince you to use one or another but rather to provide a comprehensive list of the methodologies used, together with some of […]

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apibunny 2016

APIbunny 2016 Recap

It doesn’t take much to start a tradition. Have an idea once, choose a specific date, and iterate on the idea every year. This year was our third edition of the APIbunny game. If you didn’t follow it the previous […]

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Build APIs With JustAPIs And Manage Them With 3scale

Designing and building APIs can be a complex task. Data is often distributed into many different services. There could be some old legacy SOAP services, a MySQL database somewhere and a MongoDB somewhere else. Aggregating and designing a single API […]

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Discovering Go And Writing My First Plugin

One of my new year’s resolutions was to write more often on this blog. I created my own hack day. I would dedicate an entire day to hack on a relatively small project, so I can learn a new technology […]

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Playing with the APIStrat API

As we discussed in an earlier blog post, the API conference we co-organize with API Evangelist, APIStrat has an API, which allowed us to build an Amazon Echo app. Kin has continued to develop the APIStrat API, adding more endpoints […]

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Create A Weather Bot For Telegram Using The Weather Unlocked API

If you are a regular user of chat apps like Slack or Telegram you may have seen the increase of “bots” available on each platform. Bots? Yes! Like in the old times of IRC. But this time they’re supposed to […]

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Building the first Alexa app for a conference

Geeks will be geeks. We can’t resist buying the new gadget to play with, especially if it’s hackable. Recently our CEO, Steve, could not resist buying an Amazon Echo, which turned into the beginning of an API journey at APIStrat […]

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2016 API Predictions

The API field progressed in leaps and bounds in 2015 with impressive new APIs, standards advances, conferences and unfortunately also more negative events like security breaches (see our 2015 roundup). Given all that activity, it’s a tough call to guess […]

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(FILE) Euro sculpture at the front of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany, August 4, 2011. The European Central Bank (ECB) could reactivate the bond buying to take pressure off troubled countries, announced the president of the bank, Mario Draghia at the end of a session of the Governing Council, August 2, 2012. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/au

Streaming APIs Are Paving The Way For Real-time, Agile Banking

API mashup applications based on streaming technologies will reinvent our banking experience As I explained in my first post, the PSD2 is about giving banking power back to customers, including increased transparency about charges and speed of operations. Large companies […]

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