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Self Service Plan



Run a full scale, fully featured API program

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  • Manage up to 3 APIs
  • Up to 5 admins
  • Multiple users per account
  • API and webhooks access

5000 developer accounts

Up to 500,000 API calls/day

Up to 3 APIs, unlimited endpoints



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Enterprise grade flexibility and scalability

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  • Unlimited admins
  • Full SLA
  • Emergency phone support
  • Restricted access capabilities
  • Single sign on
  • Analytics API
  • Higher performance infrastructure

Unlimited developer accounts

From 1 million API calls/day

Unlimited APIs, unlimited endpoints


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Compare Plans

Plan Pro Enterprise
Monthly fee $750/mo Contact Us
Daily traffic limit 500,000 calls Contact us
Number of APIs Up to 3 3+
APIcast hosted (for testing, up to 50,000 calls / day)
API access control and security
Issue and revoke API keys
Access control by developer and application
API limit violation tracking and alerts
OpenID Connect integration
IP/domain referrer whitelisting
Multiple applications per account
Multiple developers per account
Manage and control access to multiple APIs
Multiple admin accounts (members of your team) Up to 5
API access to accounts data
API service contracts, rate limiting, and traffic policies
Create and manage service contracts
Bundle functionalities of your API into contracts
Custom rate limits per developer and application
API analytics and reporting
Track API usage by transaction
Track API usage by arbitrary metrics
Per account, per application usage reports
API usage trend data
Nightly and weekly PDF reports
CSV data export
API access to analytics data
Developer portal CMS and interactive documentation
Full-featured CMS with version control
Company branding
Active Docs REST API explorer
Automated email signup and developer management
Developer onboarding and signup workflows
Full control of all email text
Custom branded emails sender domain
Custom portal domain name
Role-based content access
Single sign-on (SSO) support
Invoicing, billing, and payment
PCI-compliant billing engine
Automated recurring monthly billing
Variable billing
Pricing tiers based on # of requests
Developer account setup fee configuration
Developer trial period configuration
Payment gateway integration Braintree, Stripe
API access to billing data and features
3scale integration APIs
Traffic management
Account management
Billing and payments
Service Level Agreement
Customer support
Red Hat Customer Portal Support
Account representative
24/7 emergency phone support L1 incident
Business hours phone support L2-L3 incidents
Escalation procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are contracts? Service cancellation?

3scale self-service products are month to month. Enterprise products are annual contracts. On the self-service tiers, you can simply start — and stop — your service at any time. Enterprise contracts get the benefit of long term billing - ask about annual contract discounts.

You can cancel the service by contacting support.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

For Standard accounts there is no annual discount, but for Enterprise accounts we have annual payment arrangements and custom payment options.

If you’re interested please contact us.

How do I get started with 3scale?

To get started, all you need to do is create a free account and configure your API endpoints. Integrating your API with 3scale’s back-end is easy and it’s a snap to get up and running. You can either use our built-in APICast Hosted Gateway or set up your own local API gateway.

What happens if I go over my traffic limits? Will you cut off my traffic?

We never cut off API traffic for reasonable spikes above your quota.

If you're over the limit more than any two days during a month, you’ll likely need an upgrade to the next tier which you can perform from your admin portal.