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Red Hat Launches 3scale APIcast – Faster, Flexible, Open Source API Gateway

January 9th, 2017 |

Dockerized version of APIcast 2.0 deploys on OpenShift for easier installation and operation in microservice environments

Today we’re happy to announce the general availability of Red Hat 3scale APIcast gateway 2.0. The APIcast gateway (NGINX-based) is open source and has served hundreds of happy customers over the last four years. Now we’ve taken it to the next level, supporting both a cloud gateway or hybrid model with an on-prem gateway. In fact, the new on-premise version introduces significant upgrades in terms of performance and flexibility. 3scale was the first in market with on-prem and now we are pleased to offer the second generation.

The API gateway, which is configured within 3scale’s Admin Portal, is part of the 3scale API Management SaaS offering. The Admin Portal allows customers to define desired authentication methods, set rate limits, get analytics on the usage of their APIs, and create a developer portal for the…

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New! Enhanced Notification System

September 6th, 2016 |

We’ve recently revamped our notification system – the part of the admin portal that sends messages to your team members, alerting them on things that happen with your API program, like a new signup to access your API, or a plan change request – all with the goal of providing better out-of-the-box notifications. (Not to mention helping to keep your inbox clear.)

How is it better?

  • Un-clutter your inbox! Individually subscribe to notifications to avoid receiving undesired mail. Now, all admins and members can have different subscriptions.
  • As an admin, you can also now control the notifications to which your team members can subscribe.
  • Better email templates: We analyzed the type of information that customers include in notifications and used the data to improve the language and added new fields in the templates*.
  • New templates: We’ve also added a couple of new notifications for when a customer downgrades to a lower plan, and for when a custom…

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New feature: Assign rights by service

August 9th, 2016 |

3scale is all about helping you manage your APIs securely and flexibly. For those of you who have multiple APIs managed by different teams, we have good news. Keep reading to learn more about the new rights by service feature (available on Enterprise-level accounts only).

Assign permissions to members by service

Up until now you could give members access to specific features within the 3scale Admin Portal. For instance, you could assign access to billing and invoicing (and nothing else) to a member of your finance department. Now, you can also assign access rights to members for one or more specific services, allowing different teams to have completely independent access to different APIs.

Individually subscribe to notifications

Service-based segmentation is also important when it comes to notification settings. As a provider on 3scale, you can get notifications about almost everything that happens in your instance: a new account, a customer who downgrades, a new applicati…

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New Feature In Accounts API For Detecting Active Or Inactive Applications

March 5th, 2015 |

A few days ago we added a new feature to our Accounts API that we hope is going to save you a lot of time and headaches. The “application list (all services)” method now accepts additional parameters to make it more useful and efficient.

The application list returned can be filtered by:

  • service_id (integer)
  • active_since (date in “YYYY-mm-dd” format)
  • inactive_since (date in “YYYY-mm-dd” format)

This method makes it easy to detect developers or applications at risk of churn or to find your API’s top apps. You can also use it when pulling stats data using our Analytics API — for example, get a list of only the applications which have been active since you last pulled stats data.

So rather than getting the entire list of applications and then having to go through them to get data on recent activity — even when most don’t have recent activity — now you can filter the list of applications returned from an API call ba…

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New Stripe Integration Available Now On 3scale Platform

November 11th, 2014 |

No More PCI Headaches — Monetization Made Easy with Stripe Integration

We’re pretty excited to announce we’ve integrated the popular Stripe payment option into our Power, Pro and Enterprise plans, allowing customers an easy option for managing developer payments. This new Stripe integration allows API providers to process payments easily, with the solution they prefer. And since 3scale is PCI compliant, API providers don’t have to deal with PCI headaches before charging for their API.

Being able to easily monetize APIs is crucial for many providers. Now, customers don’t have to design a payment flow from scratch. Instead, they can take advantage of our flow proven by customers running their paid API programs on the platform.

Stripe is developer-friendly and widely used among API providers. The company processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of companies of all sizes across both desktop and mobile applications. In fact, our customer FullContact is using the integration a…

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3scale Features – Improved Email Workflow & Billing Security

January 12th, 2012 |

We are looking forward to a great 2012 and to get it kicked off in the right way we have some neat new enhancements to the enterprise product to announce. In this release you will find:

  • better control over Email Workflow with the new ability to customize all message content
  • it is easy to obtain PCI compliance if you charge for your API, because security for handling credit card data has been boosted.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new features and we would love to hear your feedback at support@3scale.net.

Email Templates

Every single email notification to both your developers as well as your admin users can now be customized to suit your unique workflow and desires. The Emails tab lists all potential emails, but many of them may not be used, depending on how your workflow is configured:

Not only can you customize the message body, bu…

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