StartupBus NYC Day 3

March 5th, 2014 |

It’s day 3 of the StartupBus and you can tell that the pressure is on! The bus is almost silent besides a few hustlers fine tuning their pitches.  We hit a snag in our journey last night traveling between Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR.  There had been an ice storm the night before and the entire highway was covered in multiple inches of ice. On the plus side, when you’re only driving a few MPH you can get a better internet signal. It took over 6 hours to drive 37 miles so we are grateful we made it safely to the hotel around 3:00AM!

TUTORIAL: Fast Web API Deployment on Windows Azure

February 18th, 2014 |

Because APIs are platform agnostic they can be deployed on any platform. In the past we’ve covered tutorials on Heroku and Amazon deployments.

Today’s tutorial is fast web API deployment on Windows Azure. We will use Ruby Grape gem to create the API interface, an NGINX proxy, Thin server and Capistrano to deploy using command line.

For the purpose of this tutorial you can use any Ruby based API running on Thin server. Or you can clone our SentimentAPI.

Locally run…

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Bitcasa launches secure storage API

February 5th, 2014 |

Today Bitcasa launches its Secure Storage API for developers, powered by 3scale. Bitcasa is an encrypted 1TB hard drive in the cloud. The Bitcasa REST API provides a plug-and-play filesystem for all your mobile, web, and desktop apps. Your apps can now benefit from the power of secure, shareable, streaming, and device-independent storage.

Bitcasa API in Action

Bitcasa has users in over 140 countries and currently manages over 40PB of user data.  Several API partners have developed applications that demonstrate the Bitcasa API in action:

  • Plex Cloud Sync uses Bitcasa as part of its media streaming solution. Users can stream their movies, photos and music to any device straight from the cloud — without the hassles of running media servers or dealing with proxies and firewalls.

Charity Navigator API: Information and Ratings on Charities

December 3rd, 2013 |

At Charity Navigator we believe that people are amazingly generous and derive great satisfaction from helping others, but are not always sure how to help. So we built an objective rating system that assists givers with every type of charitable interest in finding a charity to support. Providing our data to developers via our API is a key component to achieving our goal of helping all donors everywhere make informed charitable giving decisions.

Interview Sandra Miniutti, Vice President of Marketing and CFO for Charity Navigator. In her role, she is responsible for all aspects of Charity Navigator’s brand, all partnerships, media relations, communications, outreach, data sales and the organization’s finances.

Tell us more about Charity Navigator API

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Indix API BETA – Enabling Product-Aware Apps for a Product Hungry World

November 13th, 2013 |

This a guest blog post by Brian Resnik, Customer Advocate & Community Manager for Indix. Brian is all about building relationships and enabling others to share their passions. He previously worked at Swype Inc, where he helped manage a community of over 2 million users. Find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

On October 16th, we announced the general availability of our SaaS + Big Data Product Intelligence platform. We’ve talked a lot about how Indix can enable brands and retailers to tap into real-time product intelligence. Today, I want to share more details about our

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Kairos Launches Facial Recognition API

November 12th, 2013 |

Today Kairos launches a new facial recognition API for developers powered by 3scale. The Kairos API allows developers to bring the magic of identity to their applications and services and their pricing model allows you to test and scale on your terms (plus the first 500 transactions per month are always free).

Guest post by Brian Brackeen, Kairos CEO

What we’ve learned

It’s something that we are immensely proud of. During our work with Kairos TimeClock we learned a few things:

  1. It’s immensely difficult to implement the best facial recognition solutions into web friendly applications.
  2. The free facial recognition solutions are great for learning and projects, but at scale and for critical applications they are not sufficient.
  3. Good facial recognition technology is just so darn expensive.

With these pain points, we decided not just to work through them, but we…

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Meet 3scale at hackathons

October 16th, 2013 |

Hackathon season is back ! It is that time of year again, where all your weekends are filled with coding, pizzas, and no-sleep :)

If you have never attended hackathons, the concept is pretty simple : tell a bunch of developers that they can code whatever they want during a weekend, feed them with snacks and energy-drinks, let them troll about which programming language they should use, put a bit of competition with appealing prizes into the mix and Boom ! you have hackathon :)

Coding during a hackathon is all about being efficient, pick the right tools and don’t re-invent the wheel. For that reason, developers love APIs, because you can “outsource” a part of your program to a third party API and just focus on the rest.

At 3scale, we love APIs and we want to be sure that every developer can have access to great APIs and even build one easily.

As API lovers, we will be sponsoring three hackathons in the coming weeks. It’s a great opportu…

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API Crafting Secrets: Intro to Primal API

July 25th, 2013 |

Primal’s Data API let’s you treat your users like individuals. Primal finds just the right content for your user, without requiring big data analysis. Our artificial intelligence technology does the work for you.

Interview with Justin Kominar, Senior Software Developer at Primal. 

Tell us a bit about Primal and its Data API
Primal let’s you treat your users like individuals. Our interest graph powers personalized mobile and Web experiences by modelling your user’s interests, but not in a big-data way. When you understand users better, your applications can do and find great things for them.

Primal’s Data API takes your interest inputs as simple keywords (composed as semi-structured URIs) and returns an interest graph of concepts related to your input. The concepts are organized in a graph structure of nar…

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API Crafting Secrets: Into Flightstats APIs

July 2nd, 2013 |

Flightstats APIs are powerful, precise and concise. They are designed for ease of use with REST, supporting JSON, JSONP, XML formats as well as SOAP. FlightStats® Flex APIs can receive replies to their API requests in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, and French.

Interview with David White, who joined FlightStats in 2007 and serves as the Chief Customer Officer. In this role, David works with key customers, content providers, and channel partners, and insures all are properly represented in product and development plans.

Tell us more about the development process of Flightstats APIs
Development is on-going in support of our suite of APIs. We’ve been at this since 2003. We use an agile development process and a

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Primal API: 3 Steps to a Smart Personalized Web for Your Application

June 20th, 2013 |

Whereas many data APIs provide the data you need, Primal’s data service combines human expertise with smart machines to also help you organize and integrate this data. Through Primal’s API, which is powered by 3scale, you can incorporate content from the web into your app in an easy and filtered way. How? Keep reading.

This is a guest post by Peter Sweeney, Founder & President of Primal. Peter is a serial entrepreneur who has extensive experience creating and growing Internet-based companies. He’s passionate and focused on disruptive innovations that provide new mass-market opportunities. And as Primal’s President, he leads R&D, product development and market strategy.

Recently, the idea of a portal is getting a reboot. But as much as the Web has advanced for human consumption, it remains a very inhospitable place for a large contingent of users, namely machine…

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