Flightstats APIs: global coverage of commercial airline flight information

June 18th, 2013 |

APIs have been a core part of our business since 2003. We’ve built FlightStats around providing day-of-travel data and services to the travel industry. APIs are the primary delivery mechanism.

Interview with David White, who joined FlightStats in 2007 and serves as the Chief Customer Officer. In this role, David works with key customers, content providers, and channel partners, and insures all are properly represented in product and development plans.

Tell us more about FlightStats APIs
FlightStats aggregates data from many sources to provide the most complete global coverage of commercial airline flight information. With FlightStats® Flex APIs you slice and dice the data the way you want. The APIs are powerful, precise and concise. They are designed for ease of use with REST, supporting JSON, JS…

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API Crafting Secrets: Into Truecaller API

June 12th, 2013 |

We better focus on parts, which will bring more value to the product rather than reinventing the wheel. And I should add at this point, 3scale contributed a pretty convenient and reliable wheel for us.

Interview with Umut Alp, Chief Technical Officer of Truecaller. Values the beauty of simplicity especially in highly complicated systems of today.

Tell us more about the development process of  Truecaller API
We have developed a very strong infrastructure for our smartphone clients to make number lookups. The only integration effort was implementing authentication and usage reporting through 3scale SDK and build a REST API end point for the services. The real development effort took less than a day I guess and then we have worked on the developer portal pages a bit more than that.


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API Crafting Secrets: Into Fliptop API

May 29th, 2013 |

From our perspective, APIs conquer all by making the integration of many different platforms and services possible. It enables computation and data from different entities to come together and work on a collective goal. We believe the world will spin faster as a result of API’s. We have an API first strategy when developing and because of this we have grown much quicker than expected.

Interview with Tom Lee, Product Manager and Growth at Fliptop. Originally from the UK he moved to San Francisco 3 years ago.

Tell us more about the development process of Fliptop API 
Our API has been one of our major products since the very beginning. Our development methodology includes daily stand-up and continuous deployment to meet our goal of time-to-market. We are big fan of cutting edge technologies, like Scala, an…

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Panoptix APIs: helping to create better building efficiency applications

May 23rd, 2013 |

Buildings account for almost 40% of the total energy use in the US. The Panoptix solution is all about increasing options for delivering better building efficiency.  The Panoptix platform is open and we offer APIs so our partners can offer their efficiency applications that take advantage of Panoptix data.

Interview with Jim Schwartz, director of strategic marketing for Johnson Controls, which focuses on emerging technologies and cloud-based software deployment models. With extensive experience in high-tech marketing, product management and operations, Jim has held senior leadership positions with Microsoft, Cisco and several start-ups. 

Tell us more about Panoptix
Johnson Controls offers the Panopt…

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Introducing Truecaller API: Search among over 600 million phone numbers worldwide

May 22nd, 2013 |

Users of Truecaller can share their contacts and in return get access to the collaborative database of names and numbers. It is this unique data that Truecaller now has made available via their API.

A guest post by Truecaller, the world’s largest collaborative phone directory

The Truecaller API, powered by 3scale, makes it easy to connect a name to a phone number. This has previously not been a trivial problem – pre-paid phones and carriers unwilling or unable to share data are just some of the problems. Truecaller has solved this problem by crowd-sourcing. Users of Truecaller can share their contacts and in return get access to the collaborative database of names and numbers. It is this unique data that Truecaller now has

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CabForce API: Flat-rate and secure pre-bookable private rides everywhere

May 9th, 2013 |

Our Taxi Content Hub is the place for reliable and competitively priced taxis and private rides across Europe and in New York. Soon also in other US main destinations and Asia. We enable innovative companies to create new door-to-door travel services and mobile offerings.

Interview with Tommi Holmgren, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Cabforce.

Tommi has an extensive online business background and has been working at Amadeus before founding Cabforce.

Tell us more about Cabforce
Cabforce was founded by a group of guys who had been traveling for business and experienced the pain of getting and paying trusted taxis while abroad. Our mission is to provide a flat-rate and se…

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3scale Raises $4.2 Million to Broaden API Adoption

April 24th, 2013 |

3scale enables any company to easily distribute, manage and monetize their APIs via its Freemium API Management offering

SAN FRANCISO, CA – April 24, 20133scale (https://www.3scale.net), the San Francisco and Barcelona-based API Management solutions provider, today announced $4.2 million of new funding in a round from Javelin Venture Partners and Costanoa Venture Capital.

APIs are a key infrastructure component for online businesses – powering mobile applications, partnership programs and innovation. Increasingly, as many businesses become more software driven, having a well-managed API available to customers and partners is becoming key to success in the marketplace. The growth of the number of APIs is exponential and forecasted to reach into the millions over the next 5 years.

In order to meet this need, during the past two years 3scale has grown into one of the leading solution providers in the sector. …

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API Crafting Secrets: into Jamendo API

April 23rd, 2013 |

Flexibility, scalability and security are probably the main keywords we tried to keep in mind during the API development.

Interview with Vivien Genet, Senior Developer at Jamendo.

Tell us more about the development process of the Jamendo API
When we decided to redesign Jamendo, we quickly thought that the API should be a priority in our planning: first, because it is THE main way for Jamendo to live outside www.jamendo.com (on social networks, mobiles, etc.), and second, because the migration of existing applications (based on our previous API) will take some time.

To develop the new API, we have used the Zend framework (as for the website) but we made a sub-framework specifically for the API to make it easier to change.

The current online version is the beta version. Developers who hav…

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OneMusicAPI to Rule Them All. Music Metadata Collection Simplified

April 16th, 2013 |

With an API even more than other features you have to aim for conceptual integrity to ensure the API contracts survive as long as possible.

Interview with Dan Gravell, founder of Elsten software.
Dan is a software developer made entrepreneur. He is the founder and only person behind Elsten software which produces software and services to enhance people’s experience when it comes to digital music.

Tell us more about Elsten Software
Elsten software employs just one person (me) and is based in London, from my office at home. I started elsten software in 2009 and about a year later got revenues to the point where I could leave my day job and concentrate on the company full time.

The aim of elsten software is to make digital music collections manageable. I don’t just mean allowing them to be editable, I mean enforcing constraints so they are easy to navigate, browse, choos…

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API Crafting Secrets: into API2Cart

April 11th, 2013 |

API technologies were chosen to make the development speedy, the product stable, and provide vast opportunities for end user.

Interview with Oleg Cherevaty ­ Commercial Director at MagneticOne. Oleg joined the company in 2004 as web designer. He contributed greatly in creation of site content and graphic interface of MagneticOne projects. Due to rapid professional growth Oleg now holds the position of Commercial Director, making management decisions on work optimization and monitoring goals achievement.

Tell us more about the development process of the API2Cart API
The project has been in development for nearly a year already. The API was developed on the basis of Zend framework and with the use of our own API2Cart framework. Also, the development process used advanced science and technology findings such as PC :)

What are the key components of your core API infrastructure?

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