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New feature: Assign rights by service

August 9th, 2016 |

3scale is all about helping you manage your APIs securely and flexibly. For those of you who have multiple APIs managed by different teams, we have good news. Keep reading to learn more about the new rights by service feature (available on Enterprise-level accounts only).

Assign permissions to members by service

Up until now you could give members access to specific features within the 3scale Admin Portal. For instance, you could assign access to billing and invoicing (and nothing else) to a member of your finance department. Now, you can also assign access rights to members for one or more specific services, allowing different teams to have completely independent access to different APIs.

Individually subscribe to notifications

Service-based segmentation is also important when it comes to notification settings. As a provider on 3scale, you can get notifications about almost everything that happens in your instance: a new account, a customer who downgrades, a new applicatiā€¦

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