Build APIs With JustAPIs And Manage Them With 3scale

March 30th, 2016 |

Designing and building APIs can be a complex task. Data is often distributed into many different services. There could be some old legacy SOAP services, a MySQL database somewhere and a MongoDB somewhere else. Aggregating and designing a single API to be the main interface for all these services can be painful. In this blog post, I want to cover how you can combine JustAPIs and 3scale API management to build APIs and set up security, rate limits, and analytics.

I discovered JustAPIs, a new product launched by AnyPresence, while attending APIStrat Austin in November of last year. It seems like a great fit for people who are dealing with complex infrastructures. Once your API is built using JustAPIs, the only thing left to do is add a management layer so you have 100% control and visibility over who is accessing your API – exactly what we provide with 3scale. We can use the 3scale sandbox proxy to deploy API management on top of our API built with JustAPIs. This adds features like authe…

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Building Effective API Programs: Key Success Factors

July 6th, 2015 |

This is the last part of Building Effective API Programs. We’re concluding this series with a “cheat sheet” summary of the key success factors.

In the introduction, we explained that exposing assets via APIs can prove to be extremely valuable but that tackling the technical challenges of building the API is only one aspect. To reap the true benefits of your APIs, there’s a lot more that needs to be addressed.

Your API program should address all elements necessary to describe, deliver, and capitalize on the value of the API. In other words, at the core of an API program is the description of the value of the API – both the value for the organization exposing APIs and the value that API consumers get out of it. Delivery is all about how you make the API available,…

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SimilarWeb APIs Turn Web And Mobile Data Into Global Insights

April 22nd, 2015 |

The SimilarWeb APIs transform huge quantities of data from a diverse variety of sources into meaningful information, giving developers a better snapshot of activity on websites, web and mobile.

By combining data from a powerful crawler with click-stream data from a proprietary panel of tens of millions of users and global ISP data, SimilarWeb compiles a data set that is large enough to eliminate biases and statistical errors typical of smaller scale solutions. These terabytes of raw data are then analyzed by applying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques at SimilarWeb’s data center of dozens of high-end servers.

The result is actionable information that is representative of the entire internet population, available via 18 APIs for web traffic, categories and tags, traffic sources, and mobile.

The insights provided by SimilarWeb make it easy to monitor usage of your app or website, so you can notice trends and either raise a red flag or optimize performance accordingly. The platform is commonly used …

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New Feature In Accounts API For Detecting Active Or Inactive Applications

March 5th, 2015 |

A few days ago we added a new feature to our Accounts API that we hope is going to save you a lot of time and headaches. The “application list (all services)” method now accepts additional parameters to make it more useful and efficient.

The application list returned can be filtered by:

  • service_id (integer)
  • active_since (date in “YYYY-mm-dd” format)
  • inactive_since (date in “YYYY-mm-dd” format)

This method makes it easy to detect developers or applications at risk of churn or to find your API’s top apps. You can also use it when pulling stats data using our Analytics API — for example, get a list of only the applications which have been active since you last pulled stats data.

So rather than getting the entire list of applications and then having to go through them to get data on recent activity — even when most don’t have recent activity — now you can filter the list of applications returned from an API call ba…

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API How-to: Out of the Box API Analytics

July 21st, 2012 |

Extending our series of webcast tutorials on how to enhance your API today we’re adding Analytics to the simple API we built in episode #1 of the series. In that video we created an API from scratch using GRAPE and 3scale and got it up and running on Heroku. In today’s episode we:

  • Adding proper responses to our Sentiment API example.

  • Enhancing our management by adding API Analytics reporting to figure our who’s doing what on the API.

To follow along, all the code is available in the Github sample repo. You can also follow the step by step How-To&…

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Free API Strategy Sessions with 3scale Signups [Sign Up now to grab the chance!]

June 28th, 2012 |

Getting your API launched can be a big challenge – and not just technically! Often there are open strategy, technical, business model and other questions which need answers before you can take the plunge. Or maybe you have an API and you’d like it to fly higher!

To help work through these questions and give you the best start possible, sign up for 3scale before the end of the weekend and you’ll get a FREE API Strategy Session with key people from the 3scale team. We’ll share experiences from the field and drill down into specific challenges you want to cover (guaranteed no sales pitches!).

Sign up (accounts are Free) before the end of Sunday 1st of July to take advantage of this offer!

We can cover:

  • Overall API Strategy: What is worth releasing, when and how – how to generate value rather than simply extra cost + how to communicate …

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Three New 3scale Cloud APIs enable Enterprises and Developers to Embed API Management Services Seamlessly into their Systems

October 4th, 2011 |
3scale Delivers Plug In Installation for Unlimited Scalability and Easy Integration with CDNs, CRM, ERP and other Enterprise Infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–October 4, 2011– 3scale (, the innovative provider of plug and play Cloud API management infrastructure, today launched three new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed to unleash powerful enterprise capabilities for API billing, access and reporting. The three collections include a user management API for portals and integration with CRM services, a billing API, and an analytics API for push and pull data analysis.

Now with 3scale, enterprise, SMBs, startups and developers have unprecedented direct access to scale and accelerate their API business channel to reach partners, customers and the mobile Web. Viadeo, FullContact and YoLink are among the first to utilize 3scale’s flexible, scalable platfo…

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