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2017 3scale API Predictions

January 30th, 2017 |

2016 was a momentous year for 3scale: seeing tremendous customer growth, product evolution and joining Red Hat. There was much to celebrate and we’re as excited as ever about the future of APIs and API Management. Exciting new product updates are coming in 2017 including a full on-premises version and full open source!

APIs have now become a key “must have” strategy component for most large companies and we’re seeing wide spreads deployments of APIs and the tools to help create, design and manage them.

Still, each year we like to gaze into our crystal ball and see what we think the future holds for APIs. You can find out how we did for our 2016 predictions here (link), but onward and upward. Here is what we and our new Red Hat colleagues dreamt up for 2017:

API Product Management will break through: The notion of treating an API as a fully fledg…

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Acquisitions and Investments – Towards a Future of APIs Everywhere

April 27th, 2013 |

All Change in the API Space!

The last 10 days have seen an impressive amount of change in the API space with Mashery and Layer7 both getting acquired, Mulesoft acquiring ProgrammableWeb from Alcatel Lucent and also our own announcement of $4.2 Million of investment. The moves are exciting and show that APIs are now becoming increasingly important to many businesses.

Some great takes are already emerging on what it means for the space as a whole – see here, here and here and we figured we’d add some perspectives too. In addition to excitement about the space and great feedback we’ve had we also a had direct questions…

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Teleportd: developing business relationships & minimizing friction through APIs

July 25th, 2012 |

APIs have deeply change the way innovative tech companies are building products, by allowing them to focus on their core value-adding service. It’s a bit like in the Apple ad: “there’s an API for that”.

Interview with Stanislas Polu, co-founder and all things Tech at Teleportd. Before this first entrepreneurial experience at Teleportd, he worked as a software engineer at Apple, Oracle and Quarter FS. He holds an degree from Ecole Polytechnique and a MSc in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Tell us more about Teleportd
Teleportd was born out of the observation that despite the number of images that were being taken from mobile devices and shared on “public” social networks, it was hard to access the data in transversal ways. Seeing all the latest pictures from a given location was a challenge, so was looking at images across platforms on a given key word. We set out to build a …

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Taking the Long View on API Ecosystems

July 13th, 2012 |

Kin Lane has a nice post over at API Evangelist, reflecting on the some of the commentary of Twitter’s ecosystem changes – don’t forget the Pioneers as he says.

API skeptics always step up and say they are different, that they have core web products, existing business models, etc. Sure, there are differences, but Salesforce, eBay and Amazon have all managed to achieve success with continued investment in their API ecosystem.

Whatever Twitter’s particular reasons for their change (and on balance it seems likely to be more harmful than beneficial), building and maintaining an ecosystem is extremely challenging.

Many companies have been successful however – and success seems to come almost entirely in those cases where the company’s business goals and it’s partners business goals align with API – in other words, there needs to…

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API Business Models – How to choose the right one for you?

April 15th, 2011 |

Business Strategy to drive the API

Many companies are embarking on initiatives to open their API. However, most API initiatives still do not fully harness the real potential that an API brings. Sometimes this is due to organizational reasons – such as being run as a side project in the engineering team. Often though, it is because of the lack of a rigorous process to ensure that all the creative options are investigated on how to adapt the business model. It is like getting into a car and just following the road ahead; instead of checking a map to see where you want to go and which the best route to take is.

The objective of this article is to define a structured approach to identify which business model will ensure that your API makes the most effective contribution to your business. Before we get to the meat of the business model options, the first step is to decide which your core assets are, and how you wa…

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What is an API? Your guide to the Internet Business (R)evolution

March 11th, 2011 |

New white paper available for download

Bridge the API education gap between the technology and business teams

Many API initiatives start as a technology driven project. Most of these projects also need the endorsement or sponsorship of the business team in order to realize the full potential and to gain approval for the the appropriate investments. It is frequently a struggle to explain to the business team in a clear and compelling way why APIs are important to your business. At 3scale we have helped many customers with the task of bridging this education gap. We have also seen great variety of approaches that work well.

Benefits for a business and technical audience

We are now making a whitepaper resource available to you to accelerate this task, and to benefit from our experience. The whitepaper is aimed at an audience of business executives and entrepreneurs who understand basic computing concepts, but do not have an engineerin…

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