The API Future

Acquisitions and Investments – Towards a Future of APIs Everywhere

All Change in the API Space! The last 10 days have seen an impressive amount of change in the API space with Mashery and Layer7 both getting acquired, Mulesoft acquiring ProgrammableWeb from Alcatel Lucent and also our own announcement of […]

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Teleportd API powered by 3scale's Free API Management solution

Teleportd: developing business relationships & minimizing friction through APIs

APIs have deeply change the way innovative tech companies are building products, by allowing them to focus on their core value-adding service. It’s a bit like in the Apple ad: “there’s an API for that”. Interview with Stanislas Polu, co-founder […]

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Taking the Long View on API Ecosystems

Kin Lane has a nice post over at API Evangelist, reflecting on the some of the commentary of Twitter’s ecosystem changes – don’t forget the Pioneers as he says. API skeptics always step up and say they are different, that […]

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The Business Model for Twitter - TweetDeck

API Business Models – How to choose the right one for you?

Business Strategy to drive the API Many companies are embarking on initiatives to open their API. However, most API initiatives still do not fully harness the real potential that an API brings. Sometimes this is due to organizational reasons – […]

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What is an API? Your guide to the Internet Business (R)evolution

New white paper available for download Bridge the API education gap between the technology and business teams Many API initiatives start as a technology driven project. Most of these projects also need the endorsement or sponsorship of the business team in […]

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