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3scale Copyrights Database Store API

June 30th, 2015 |

In response to today’s Supreme Court decision not to rule in the Oracle v. Google case, 3scale has decided to reconsider its previous position on copyright and APIs and is today announcing its copyright ownership over the newly developed Database Store API.

The API has been under secret development for over 18 months by a crack team of engineers, locked away from their families for the duration of the project. The result represents the pure distilled essence of an API to facilitate the browsing, licensing and purchase of database products.

The excerpt below shows the inspired design of the API itself:

A full Swagger specification is also available:

We’re particularly proud of the GET Database function and the intuitive use of the label “Db” when referring to ID’s in DbID. Thes…

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From Value Chains to Value Networks – 3scale at APIdays

June 5th, 2014 |

In an earlier post, we described 3Scale involvement in the APIdays series of events and especially the most recent APIdays Mediterranea in Barcelona. In this post, I summarize my talk “APIs: From Value Chains to Value Networks” which I gave on the morning May 30th. You can find the slides on slideshare and embedded at the end of this post.

Setting The Context

My intention was to describe the current evolution from value chains to value networks, which is to a great extent enabled via APIs. Related to this I wanted to highlight some of the benefits that come with that evolution (such as new business models) but also some challenges. These challenges are mainly relevant for API providers but also affect API consumers (i.…

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More Thoughts on an API Commons

November 11th, 2013 |

At Defrag this week got together with Kin Lane at API Evangelist to talk about something we’d been working on together for a while – an initiative to try to encourage sharing and reuse of API Definitions.

We’re greatful for all the feedback and coverage we received (see – Techcrunch, Forbes), Wired, ZDNET, Dr. Dobbs and elsewhere + also the Twitter and Event feedback. Some tweets summarized it best: