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TUTORIAL: Fast Web API Deployment on Windows Azure

February 18th, 2014 |

Because APIs are platform agnostic they can be deployed on any platform. In the past we’ve covered tutorials on Heroku and Amazon deployments.

Today’s tutorial is fast web API deployment on Windows Azure. We will use Ruby Grape gem to create the API interface, an NGINX proxy, Thin server and Capistrano to deploy using command line.

For the purpose of this tutorial you can use any Ruby based API running on Thin server. Or you can clone our SentimentAPI.

Locally run…

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Why your API IS your Strategy

February 14th, 2014 |

This post is inspired by Daniel Jacobson‘s post over at the Next Web – “Why you probably don’t need an API Strategy“. It’s a great post you should definitely check out and there are a lot of good points made. However, as to the overall premise that an API Strategy might not be needed there is a lot to disagree with. In fact we’d say that increasingly it isn’t just that a company needs an API Strategy it’s that a company’s entire strategy needs to be API Driven.

API Strategy Breakdown

Daniel is also one of the smartest folks in the business (and he’ll be on stage for a fireside chat at the upcoming API Strategy & Practice Conference!), so it’s challenge to disagree wi…

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Building Great APIs (Part III) – The need for API Management and Infrastructure

October 30th, 2013 |

In previous parts of the series we covered the need for APIs to be be valuable, have business models and be easy to adopt. In this post we’ll cover the the next items on the list – API Management and API Management tools:

What does this mean? and why would it be important? Before getting started, we should acknowledge that 3scale provides tools and infrastructure to do exactly this so this might appear self serving! However, there are multiple ways to put API Management in place – not just using a third party, so we encourage people to explore what’s best for them whether it be home build, open source, with a vendor or a combination of the these. Having said that you can give 3scale’s tools a whirl free t…

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CabForce API: Flat-rate and secure pre-bookable private rides everywhere

May 9th, 2013 |

Our Taxi Content Hub is the place for reliable and competitively priced taxis and private rides across Europe and in New York. Soon also in other US main destinations and Asia. We enable innovative companies to create new door-to-door travel services and mobile offerings.

Interview with Tommi Holmgren, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Cabforce.

Tommi has an extensive online business background and has been working at Amadeus before founding Cabforce.

Tell us more about Cabforce
Cabforce was founded by a group of guys who had been traveling for business and experienced the pain of getting and paying trusted taxis while abroad. Our mission is to provide a flat-rate and se…

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3scale Raises $4.2 Million to Broaden API Adoption

April 24th, 2013 |

3scale enables any company to easily distribute, manage and monetize their APIs via its Freemium API Management offering

SAN FRANCISO, CA – April 24, 20133scale (https://www.3scale.net), the San Francisco and Barcelona-based API Management solutions provider, today announced $4.2 million of new funding in a round from Javelin Venture Partners and Costanoa Venture Capital.

APIs are a key infrastructure component for online businesses – powering mobile applications, partnership programs and innovation. Increasingly, as many businesses become more software driven, having a well-managed API available to customers and partners is becoming key to success in the marketplace. The growth of the number of APIs is exponential and forecasted to reach into the millions over the next 5 years.

In order to meet this need, during the past two years 3scale has grown into one of the leading solution providers in the sector. …

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Yummly: organizing the kitchen by creating the digital kitchen platform

March 20th, 2013 |

At Yummly, our vision is to mesh the power of data and technology with the love of food to accommodate an accelerated online and on-the-go cooking community. By officially opening up the Yummly API platform, we wish to arm the ever-growing developer community with valuable data that can be unlocked, repurposed and scaled to answer specific queries revolving around ingredients and recipes.”

Interview with Brian Witlin, Head of Mobile and Platform at Yummly. A veteran entrepreneur, Brian most recently served as the CEO and Founder of ShopWell. He also holds EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) positions at IDEO and StartX and serves as a startup mentor for 500 Startups seed venture fund, Insidr and Diamond MMA.

Tell us more about Yummly
Launched in 2010 by foodies on a mission to invent a better way to find recipes, Yummly is the fastest growing food site in the world. Our mission is simple, we want to …

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nViso Emotion Recognition Technology Wins 2013 IBM Beacon Award

March 18th, 2013 |

Congratulations to nViso who won just a few days ago the IBM Beacon Award 2013 for Smarter Computing in the category SmartCloud – Cloud Application Provider.

nViso has developed an emotion recognition software that interprets human facial micro-expressions and eye movements captured through video. Its solutions use proprietary 3D facial imaging technology with artificial intelligence to track hundreds of different facial points to recognize human emotions.

The capabilities of the technology can be seen in the on-line campaign to promote the Cinemax television series “Hunted.”

The promotion, developed by marketing agency Campfire, uses the nViso cloud-based API in one of the five tests to ‘interview’ potential applicants to the private security firm featured in the plot of the series. It i…

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3scale Launches New Open Source API Proxy to Make It Faster, Better, Cheaper for Enterprises to Open & Manage APIs

November 15th, 2012 |

3scale’s New API Management Offering Provides Enterprises With Best-in-Class API Management Solution for Both On-Premise and Cloud Operations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 3scale (www.3scale.net), the fastest growing provider of SaaS API Management solutions and services, today announced the launch of a new open source API proxy providing enterprises with high performance on premise and cloud API traffic management.

Built on the highly acclaimed NGINX Web Server technology, the new 3scale open source API Proxy combined with 3scale’s out-of-the box API Management solution satisfies the pressing business and technical needs of API providers to:

  • Easily (and securely) open and manage APIs,
  • Launch APIs with the fastest time-to-market,
  • Keep control on their API architecture and,
  • Use proven technol…

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3scale: New High Performance Open Source API Proxy

November 15th, 2012 |

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