API Predictions

2017 3scale API Predictions

January 30th, 2017 |

2016 was a momentous year for 3scale: seeing tremendous customer growth, product evolution and joining Red Hat. There was much to celebrate and we’re as excited as ever about the future of APIs and API Management. Exciting new product updates are coming in 2017 including a full on-premises version and full open source!

APIs have now become a key “must have” strategy component for most large companies and we’re seeing wide spreads deployments of APIs and the tools to help create, design and manage them.

Still, each year we like to gaze into our crystal ball and see what we think the future holds for APIs. You can find out how we did for our 2016 predictions here (link), but onward and upward. Here is what we and our new Red Hat colleagues dreamt up for 2017:

API Product Management will break through: The notion of treating an API as a fully fledg…

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2016 API Predictions

December 30th, 2015 |

The API field progressed in leaps and bounds in 2015 with impressive new APIs, standards advances, conferences and unfortunately also more negative events like security breaches (see our 2015 roundup). Given all that activity, it’s a tough call to guess what might be next. What’s certainly true is that there will be more growth in store! There are already prediction pieces out there for 2016 like Yves de Montcheuil’s, Neha Sampat’s great 10 API predictions presentation at APIDays Paris and Mark Boyd’s great piece on the potential economic impact of APIs in 2016.

APIs are showing up in a wide range of 2016 projections in all sorts of industries from

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2015 API Predictions Year in Review

December 29th, 2015 |

With the end of the year fast approaching and the next just around the corner, it’s nice to grab a bit of time to reflect on what 2015 brought us and what might be next.

The year wrapped up with some great conference events (APIStrat Austin and APIDay Paris to name just two) that brought many people working in APIs together and never fail to move the ball forward. Videos and photos from those events have been going up over recent weeks (track @apistrat for videos), so everyone can tap into the zeitgeist themselves. Huge thanks to all those involved in these events and in curating great content – especially Mark Boyd who was involved in both!

2015 certainly felt like a year of getting down to brass tacks and many organizations pushing their API programs hard to create real value, as well as tool vendors increasing in number and upping their g…

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2014 API Year in Review – Last Year’s API Predictions and More

January 3rd, 2015 |

The end of the year always brings some reflection and thoughts of what the next year will be like, it’s also fun to make fools of ourselves trying to predict what might happen. 2014 was a great year in many ways. There were many community building events and conferences — from APIStrat and APIDays to APICon, I Love APIs, Gluecon, REST Fest and others. 2014 also saw company launches, product updates and launches of news sources like API Developer Weekly, API Report and much more. We’re looking forward to all that continuing in 2015.

But first – the small matter of our 2014 API predictions

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