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3scale and Nginx: Together The Highest Performing API Gateway Available

November 7th, 2014 |

Kicking Off at AWS re:Invent – Up to 50% Discount Offer

We’ve teamed up with Nginx to offer the highest performing API gateway on the market.  The offer enables filtering and distribution through a unique, full-stack bundle that provides detailed insight into the health of an API program through extended monitoring features.

The 3scale layer enables full control of all keys, policies and users of the API, while API gateways based on NGINX Plus enforce policies live within the traffic flow. NGINX Plus advanced features include enhanced control of data flow, dynamic configuration management, load balancing, session persistence, health checks, monitoring and support.

  • Secure, manage, and scale APIs with 3scale’s API management platform, which includes an integrated Developer Portal.
  • The 3scale and Nginx bundle provides unique full-stack support and exceptional performance
  • Unlimited API traffic and premium SLAs…

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Congrats Tech Partner NGINX! Named #1 Web Server for Top 10,000 Busiest Websites Worldwide

June 5th, 2014 |

We are so pleased to congratulate our friends and tech partners NGINX on their being named the #1 web server for the top 10,000 busiest websites in the world. Phenomenal outcome and it truly underscores the ever growing need for speed, performance and reliability for websites – regardless of the size of the site or the scope of traffic demands.

According to WC3, nearly 40 percent of the busiest websites select NGINX as their web service of choice. Further, they have been acknowledged  by users that value predictable performance, with an amazing 20.8 percent of all websites trust NGINX.

We agree. Our open source API Proxy used along with an NGINX web server  provides super powerful on-premise or cloud API traffic management. No proprietary tech, no black box, no redirects,…

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3scale Provides API Proxy for Amazon’s AWS

March 21st, 2014 |

Flexible, High Performance, Zero Latency & Free – This Service Get’s AWS Users Up And Running Their APIs in Just a Few Clicks


3SCALE has a large number of customers running their APIs on Amazon AWS.  Until now, they’ve had to go through several initial steps to get setup – so we set out to  make this process quick and easy. It’s also suitable for organizations that have their APIs hosted in places other than Amazon that want to use Amazon EC2 compute nodes to create a virtual API firewall in the cloud. The  3SCALE API Proxy for AWS is available now through the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

Essentially, the new service allows anybody to easily set up an API management proxy on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure service with just a few clicks. The proxy provides rate limiti…

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3scale Launches New Open Source API Proxy to Make It Faster, Better, Cheaper for Enterprises to Open & Manage APIs

November 15th, 2012 |

3scale’s New API Management Offering Provides Enterprises With Best-in-Class API Management Solution for Both On-Premise and Cloud Operations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 3scale (www.3scale.net), the fastest growing provider of SaaS API Management solutions and services, today announced the launch of a new open source API proxy providing enterprises with high performance on premise and cloud API traffic management.

Built on the highly acclaimed NGINX Web Server technology, the new 3scale open source API Proxy combined with 3scale’s out-of-the box API Management solution satisfies the pressing business and technical needs of API providers to:

  • Easily (and securely) open and manage APIs,
  • Launch APIs with the fastest time-to-market,
  • Keep control on their API architecture and,
  • Use proven technol…

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3scale: New High Performance Open Source API Proxy

November 15th, 2012 |

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