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How APIs.io Hit the Front Page of Hacker News

November 25th, 2014 |

How we got there & then what happened… Part 1

Last Thursday we announced that APIs.io – the first open source search engine for APIs, which we’ve worked on with API Evangelist – had indexed more than 800 APIs. This was a major milestone. Along with our usual promotion, we had wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to some developers on Hacker News. Of course, everyone’s ultimate goal is that their post blows up on Hacker News.  We of course would love it if APIs.io would be the first place they would look to find accurate information about APIs. And before we knew it, we got picked up and reached the front page of Hacker News! After a couple minutes, we were already in the top 10. Soo…

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From Value Chains to Value Networks – 3scale at APIdays

June 5th, 2014 |

In an earlier post, we described 3Scale involvement in the APIdays series of events and especially the most recent APIdays Mediterranea in Barcelona. In this post, I summarize my talk “APIs: From Value Chains to Value Networks” which I gave on the morning May 30th. You can find the slides on slideshare and embedded at the end of this post.

Setting The Context

My intention was to describe the current evolution from value chains to value networks, which is to a great extent enabled via APIs. Related to this I wanted to highlight some of the benefits that come with that evolution (such as new business models) but also some challenges. These challenges are mainly relevant for API providers but also affect API consumers (i.…

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APIs.Json, APIs.io and API Discovery on the Web

May 21st, 2014 |

We released some exciting news at the APISTRAT Gluecon Un-Workshop yesterday together with Kin Lane at API Evangelist: launching a new idea for how to promote the use of API Meta Data on the Public Web. The two things we announced were:

  • APIS.json: A new format to documenting the APIs on a given internet domain and get them found.
  • APIs.io: A simple search engine which uses the format.

In combination, the aim is to both help get more meta-data about APIs available in public and also begin making it easier to find these APIs. We’re also open-sourcing the API Search engine, so others can run their own search engines also (see APIs.io) for more information on this.

Why do this?

Web application programming interfaces (APIs) are becoming the “glue” of the Web because they indicate how softw…

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