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Rails + jspm >= ECMAScript 6 awesomeness

June 26th, 2015 |

From the buzz on Twitter and blog posts, you could feel that ECMAScript 6 was finally coming. It has many things we’ve wished for for years, so it makes sense to start new projects with it in mind.

ECMAScript 6

Others have written in depth about various ECMAScript 6 features. I’d like to focus just on one: module loading. There is no common way to load your ES6 modules natively in the browsers. For example babel, has support for three different module loaders. There was a System dynamic module loader included in the ES6 specification, but in the end it was removed and work continued as WhatWG loader spec. Yes, you can define modules, classes, export them, and import them, but there is no way how to load them across files. This also means that the

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What is an API? Your guide to the Internet Business (R)evolution

March 11th, 2011 |

New white paper available for download

Bridge the API education gap between the technology and business teams

Many API initiatives start as a technology driven project. Most of these projects also need the endorsement or sponsorship of the business team in order to realize the full potential and to gain approval for the the appropriate investments. It is frequently a struggle to explain to the business team in a clear and compelling way why APIs are important to your business. At 3scale we have helped many customers with the task of bridging this education gap. We have also seen great variety of approaches that work well.

Benefits for a business and technical audience

We are now making a whitepaper resource available to you to accelerate this task, and to benefit from our experience. The whitepaper is aimed at an audience of business executives and entrepreneurs who understand basic computing concepts, but do not have an engineerin…

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