Rubix API Makes Object & Text Detection Simple

September 15th, 2014 |

Get The API That Google Glass Uses To Identify Brands & Products

The world is full of visual stimuli and technology has made it more and more possible to capture and use all that stimuli in the form of data. But as the Internet of Things gains momentum, just capturing that data isn’t enough – the ability to detect valuable objects, text or images has huge potential. Not just any object or text, or even a type – but something very specific. Here’s one simple, but charming video example use case for the Rubix API.

Detecting Text & Objects Is Not Easy

The Rubix API (in beta) makes it easy detect important text and objects in images. If you think this sounds trivial, think again. Previously, developers would have to spend months, possibly longer, programming in C++, setting up servers and spending countless…

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3SCALE Official API Partner of Smart Transportation & Energy Accelerator Startupbootcamp Berlin

September 2nd, 2014 |

Looking Forward to The Next “Transportation Miracle”

We’re proud to announce 3SCALE as the official API partner of  the Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator — Startupbootcamp in Berlin. We’ll provide assistance to the eleven startup teams chosen for this accelerator program and be their partners in all things API. This includes design, technology, strategy, marketing, and adoption — essentially an effort to provide them every advantage in their endeavors. As part of this we’re sponsoring the

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The Appreciation Engine API Gathers Vital Demographic Info In Real-Time

August 27th, 2014 |

API Delivers Consumer Social Behavior & Opinion to Build Brand Loyalty For Partners

It’s not news that the increasing adoption of social media has resulted in brands feeling pressure to engage their customer base in more meaningful and personalized ways. Customers demand a different kind of relationship with businesses and products – especially in industries like music and entertainment where it takes more creativity and precise targeting to hold their attention and win their loyalty. The Appreciation Engine API, powered by 3scale, does just that by giving brands the chance to create more meaningful connections with consumers and take advantage of unique social media marketing opportunities by harnessing the power of personal user data.

Consumers Opt-In To Have Their Social Signals Recorded & Shared


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Built to Innovate: The Benefit of APIs in Higher Education

August 13th, 2014 |

To create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge.

Many mission statements of Universities read very similar — quite naturally so. The one from above is Yale’s mission statement. With the fast growing amount of digital information (with a 40% annual growth rate), higher education networks that are becoming more complex, but at the same time an increasing ephemerality this mission is a grand challenge for universities. Application Programming Interfaces can help overcoming this challenge.

More and more institutions in Higher Education recognize the opportunities related to APIs. That is backed up by a rece…

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API Security: The Bitly/MSNBC Case

July 29th, 2014 |
(Icon by www.svengraph.net under CC 3.0)

With the growing popularity of APIs also increases the risks of security flaws. API security needs to be carefully considered right from the start of an API project and in API design. The Bitly/MSNBC case is a perfect example of why.

The Bitly/MSNBC Case

ComputerWeekly reported on 22 July 2014 a case where hackers abused the Bitly API in a novel attack. The attack was analysed and described in the Bitly API key and MSNBC unvalidated redirects post on…

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The Benefits Of APIs For Transport And Logistics

July 21st, 2014 |

There is currently a lot of momentum in the travel, transportation and logistics sector with respect to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). More and more often, non-technical companies see the opportunities that lie in APIs to revive existing revenue sources or establish new ones. A very comprehensive article on ProgrammableWeb.com laid out the current status and opportunities that APIs can provide to the travel, transportation and logistics sector. Also noted is the massive potential and interest from cities to transform into Smart Cities. The article mentions many ex…

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What is an API? Your Guide to the Internet Business (R)evolution

July 17th, 2014 |

Despite the fact that (web) APIs are gaining more and more popularity and are more often than not the key for systems integration, we are very often asked:

What is actually an API and what can it be used for?

This was our motivation to write a white paper to act as an introduction to the subject matter and provide a bit of historical background on APIs. Although the topic is technical, we focused on keeping the content accessible for all readers. Topics include:

  • Definition of application programming interface (API), including some analogies
  • Creating business value with APIs
  • Evolution and growth of APIs
  • Key API trends, such as standardization, developer marketing, API search, or API management for API consumers
  • API Management as a key el…

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API Strategy & Practice Conference Tickets! APICon Raffle Winners

July 15th, 2014 |

It was great to see everyone at the APICon event in SF last month.  And big thanks to everyone who participated in the API Strategy & Practice Conference ticket raffle! We gave away 10 free tickets (about a $6000 value!) to participants in the contest. We can’t wait to see all of in Chicago this September 24th, 25th and 26th.  Not a winner?  Not true – you can hurry and get your early bird tickets with the link below.

Congratulations to the winners!


• Jeanine Sinanan-Singh (Microsoft)

• Greg Roll (Optimal Payments)

• Ali Beatty (Pearson)

• Donald Roberts (DirecTV)

• Eric Tucker (Mindbody)

• Vimal Singh (Mobility Labs)

• Amit Shetty (SimpleECM)

• Kristen Womack (Best Buy)

• Billy Chia (Digium)

• Richard Fong (GovDelivery)

If you didn’t wi…

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Transportation And Energy API Hackathon Wrap-up

July 9th, 2014 |

In an earlier blog post we announced our participation in the Smart Transportation and Energy hackathon organised by the Startupbootcamp – the leading global startup accelerator network. This hackathon was organized with the Startupbootcamp center Berlin, which focuses on topics around transport and energy.

The event was a huge success and the results were really impressive. About 75 people participated spread over eleven teams. Motivation was really high and peop…

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API Management With 3scale As A Heroku Add-on For Your Application

June 19th, 2014 |

Hosting your API in a platform as a service like Heroku is a popular option nowadays since it frees you from all the infrastructure administration tasks and allows you to focus on development. It is also a really good way to launch your API when you are not sure what the usage will be like, as Heroku will handle scaling your application server for you.

If that is your case, now you can add 3scale to secure and manage your API right from your Heroku dashboard, by using the 3scale Heroku add-on.

Provisioning the add-on for your Heroku app is as simple as doing a call from the command line:

heroku addons:add threescale

or clicking on the Get Add-ons button of your Heroku app page.

Click on “Get add-on” and pick the 3scale Heroku add-on

Either way a 3scale acc…

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