Hybrid API Management Architectures Done Right

July 30th, 2015 |

At 3scale we’ve always been fairly opinionated about the right way to architect API Management, and since founding have had a hybrid architecture at our core. So with Apigee today announcing an architecture with some similarities we figured it would be a good time to talk about those choices and why they matter.

API management in essence is about control and visibility of API traffic. In other words, it is knowing what is flowing through API pipes and making sure it is:

  • A) the traffic you want
  • B) doing the right thing

This involves all sorts of issues from security and identity to performance, uptime and fulfillment of business goals.


When architecting 3scale, we saw the same concern over and over again: API traffic should be deliverable from many locations, over different technology stacks and with different delivery needs but it needs a consistent, uniform ma…

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Growth in the API Economy – Congratulations Apigee on the IPO Plans

March 20th, 2015 |


Some exciting news for APIs and the API Economy today — Apigee just announced its plans to IPO. Congratulations to them, and a great further validation of the booming API Infrastructure market.

3scale is now over 550 customers and growing quickly. API’s are certainly entering the mainstream consciousness.

Although we compete with Apigee, congratulations to them on this next stage of their journey. For the financially minded, their S1 fillings can be found here:

Apigee S1

All the best from the 3scale team!

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Why API Infrastructure should start at Free

August 23rd, 2013 |

APIs are increasingly becoming core to many Internet Businesses – from mobile to Desktop/Web. From day one at 3scale we’ve always believed that our API Infrastructure should be available for free forever in some form to enable companies large and small to go live, build their audiences and create these new critical new channels.

Our free service has hundreds of new signups per month – and these APIs reflect the amazing diversity of APIs that are being created. As programmableweb‘s directory of APIs ticks towards 7000 APIs we suspect we’ll see an explosion of many many more in the next few years.

API Infrastructur…

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API Management Solution: “As a Service” vs. “Perpetual” licensing model

February 26th, 2012 |

API is a 3 letters acronym that you will have seen all over the Tech Blogs and Tech Media, especially during these last months. Why? Because APIs are the glue between today’s Internet applications, services and technologies. They are the key underlying piece of infrastructure for mobile apps, for enterprise software integration and B2B. APIs are currently redefining how companies develop their products and execute their business.

And just as for any other critical connectivity or integration brick, you will want to control and monitor your API to ensure QoS and SLAs. And as for any new business line you would launch, you will want to and need to define, implement and operate a business model.
3scale provides a Cloud API Management Platform & Infrastructure to achieve precisely this task: enabling developers and companies that wa…

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API Proxies v’s Plugins

June 12th, 2011 |

There’s a nice article over at API Evangelist this morning on the battle for your API proxy. Lots of good things in the article and nice to see comparisons – while broadly the classification works we see things slightly differently though :).

The spirit is right but the label proxy is a little misleading – 3scale in fact doesn’t aim to be a proxy at all (we call it “proxyless” by design) and 3scale’s architecture works in such as way that it never has to see your API traffic at all or get in the way of calls (no proxies to be seen).

It’s better to think of it as a wholly different type of infrastructure: rather more like a

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