3scale And AWS Joint API Workshop At AWS Pop-up Loft London

April 20th, 2016 |

We’re very excited to announce our four-hour joint workshop with Amazon Web Services at the AWS Pop-up Loft London this Monday, April 25th from 9am to 1pm. Find more information and registration on the workshop website. The Loft is located in The Brew Eagle House (Google Maps – 163 City Rd, London EC1V 1NR, UK). Please check the prerequisites for this workshop.

Nico and I will run this workshop with AWS Solutions Architect Matthew McClean. We’ll cover the following topics:

  1. API design best practices, including Swagger/

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API Meetup Barcelona: Microservices and API Management

October 29th, 2015 |

This Wednesday, November 4th, we’re hosting another meetup/warm-up party for AWS Summit Barcelona the next day.

The theme of the meetup is “Microservices and API Management”. We’re hosting at our Barcelona office (C. Napoles 187, 7th floor, 08013, Barcelona) and will open doors at 7pm. You can find all the details here.

We’ll have three talks, which will cover a range of topics around microservices and API management. We’ll cover the vision an…

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New Amazon API Gateway Integration with the 3scale API Management Platform

October 5th, 2015 |

Leverage the Benefits of Both Products

Amazon’s recent launch of the Amazon API Gateway is a clear indication that the idea of opening up access to digital assets through APIs – and using API management to gain visibility and control – is becoming more and more mainstream. As companies think about cloud strategies, they increasingly need to think about API strategies, too. The Amazon API Gateway and the 3scale API Management Platform are two very different but complementary products. We took a close look at the Amazon API Gateway and implemented an integration with the 3scale API Management product to give API providers the best of both worlds.

The Amazon API Gateway represents a classic API gateway, providing a controllable access point for API services. As such, the Amazon API…

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3scale Welcomes AWS to API Mangagement Field

July 10th, 2015 |

AWS Closed-Source, Proprietary Offer Reinforces Import of APIs to Today’s IT; 3scale Continues to Support AWS Users with Open Source Solution To Be Used Across All Platforms

Today our partner AWS announced its own API Gateway. We are pleased to see industry giants joining the pioneers in enabling an API driven web.

We offer an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that allows the quick and easy use of Amazon web services for integration with 3scale. We open source an Nginx API gateway as our option for customers who don’t want to be locked into a proprietary, closed source option that limits use case flexibility.

With the 3scale AMI there is no need to maintain your own server infrastructure, and configuration can be easily replicated for testing, versioning and load balancing across multiple IT environments.

Overall, Amazon’s API Gateway announcement shows how important APIs and API Management have become. It’s great to see they …

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Updated Tutorial: How to deploy an API on Amazon EC2 for AWS rookies

June 30th, 2015 |

At 3scale we find Amazon to be a fantastic platform for running APIs due to the complete control you have on the application stack. However for people new to AWS, the learning curve is quite steep. So we put together our best practices into this short tutorial. Besides Amazon EC2, we’ll use the Ruby Grape gem to create the API interface and an Nginx proxy to handle access control. Best of all everything in this tutorial is completely free.


For the purpose of this tutorial you’ll need a running API based on Ruby and Thin server. If you don’t have one you can simply clone an example repo as described below (in the “Deploying the Application” section). If you’re interested in the background of this example, the Sentiment API, you can see a couple of previous guides which 3scale has published. Here we use version_1 of the API (“

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3scale Is Now An AWS Advanced Technology Partner

December 19th, 2014 |

More Benefits From AWS & Better Offers For Our Customers


A while back we wrote about our being accepted to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. Which we were pretty excited about.

Now we are proud to announce that we have become an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. What does this all mean? It means we get offered more benefits from AWS, which we can then pass on as better offers to our customers.

Are You An AWS User?

We are also listed in the AWS partner directory where you can check out more details about our API Management solution. You can access our

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3scale at AWS reInvent in Las Vegas and on the AWS Marketplace

November 21st, 2014 |

Our journey as AWS technology partner has been nothing short of great

Last week, a few of us from the 3scale team headed to Las Vegas to attend AWS reInvent, the annual gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community and also one of the largest events in the tech conference circuit. 3scale was there both as a sponsor and as an official technology partner in the AWS Partner Network.

We recently started our journey as an AWS partner with the release of

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3SCALE Is Registered Partner At The AWS Partner Network

August 12th, 2014 |

3SCALE is now registered as a Technology Partner at the Amazon Web Services AWS Partner Network (APN). The APN is Amazon’s global partner program for AWS and is focused on helping companies build a successful AWS-based business by providing great business, technical, and marketing support. This partnership gives us access to premium support and materials to improve our offering to our customers.

We are also listed in the APN directory as Technical Partner where you can find our API Management offerings. In particular, the directory listing refers to our read-to-use

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API Integration With 3scale Quicker And Easier With Amazon Machine Image On AWS Marketplace

May 7th, 2014 |

If you’re like most tech companies, you’ve probably looked at, or are already using Amazon Web Services to power Web or mobile applications, data processing, warehousing or storage. At 3scale we host our platform on EC2. So it made sense to give you the benefits of both – out-of-the-box and all in one place. With our recent release of the 3scale Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to the AWS Marketplace our customers can quickly and simply leverage AWS services for their integration with 3scale. Since our open-source Nginx API gateway is the preferred option of most customers to integrate their APIs with 3scale, we made the proxy available as an AMI in the AWS Marketplace, so now the integration of an API with 3scale is even easier and qui…

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API Crafting Secrets: into the ConveyAPI

August 21st, 2012 |

We did not set out to create an API. We initially developed Convey as an internal library for use in Converseon’s products and service.”

Interview with Mark Walz VP Product Management at Converseon. You can follow Mark on twitter: @rocketmark

Tell us about the development process of the Convey API
We did not set out to create an API. We initially developed Convey as an internal library for use in Converseon’s products and service. The Convey library has been several years in the making and has involved industry and academic expertise from its inception.

As Convey’s power and accuracy grew, we began to see applications for it outside of our own products and so did our clients. As received inquiries and proposal requests for large volume text analytics, we decided to take the Convey library and make it availab…

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