Three New 3scale Cloud APIs enable Enterprises and Developers to Embed API Management Services Seamlessly into their Systems

3scale Delivers Plug In Installation for Unlimited Scalability and Easy Integration with CDNs, CRM, ERP and other Enterprise Infrastructure SAN FRANCISCO, CA–October 4, 2011– 3scale (https://www.3scale.net), the innovative provider of plug and play Cloud API management infrastructure, today launched three […]

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API Monetization: how to set up tiered API policies & pricing with 3scale

One of the most common things you want to do when opening up your API is set access policies for users to ensure everybody gets fair use and system resources aren’t threatened with overuse. Often it also makes sense to apply different policies to different groups of users – basic access for some, more liberal policies for others.

You can set a wide range of policies from your 3scale control panel in a few easy steps by creating plans for users to sign up to and also customize rules on a per user basis. We’ll walk through the basic steps here.

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