Co-hosting a Bitcoin Meetup with TheFamily Next Week in Barcelona

January 7th, 2016 |

Join us at the Technical Introduction to Bitcoin meetup – co-hosted by TheFamily and 3scale – on January 13th, at 19:30 at the 3scale office in Barcelona.

I have written a bunch of articles about banks and APIs, describing how APIs will impact tomorrow’s banking. At 3scale our commitment goes beyond just reviewing what is happening – we want to actively support innovation in this industry.

Together with TheFamily, we’ll be co-hosting the Technical Introduction to Bitcoin meetup next Wednesday (January 13th, at 19:30) in our Barcelona office. Not only will this meetup give you an in-depth look at Bitcoin but you’ll learn how to use it wisely. We’ll also provide food and drinks to fuel some more detailed discussion.

Bitcoin is …

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