Build APIs With JustAPIs And Manage Them With 3scale

March 30th, 2016 |

Designing and building APIs can be a complex task. Data is often distributed into many different services. There could be some old legacy SOAP services, a MySQL database somewhere and a MongoDB somewhere else. Aggregating and designing a single API to be the main interface for all these services can be painful. In this blog post, I want to cover how you can combine JustAPIs and 3scale API management to build APIs and set up security, rate limits, and analytics.

I discovered JustAPIs, a new product launched by AnyPresence, while attending APIStrat Austin in November of last year. It seems like a great fit for people who are dealing with complex infrastructures. Once your API is built using JustAPIs, the only thing left to do is add a management layer so you have 100% control and visibility over who is accessing your API – exactly what we provide with 3scale. We can use the 3scale sandbox proxy to deploy API management on top of our API built with JustAPIs. This adds features like authe…

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Practical Advice For The Stages Of The API Lifecycle (Part 2/4)

November 12th, 2014 |

The API lifecycle is made up of four stages, which an API provider would iterate through several times as part of an API program: Plan/Design, Build/Integrate, Operate/Manage, and Share/Engage. You can find a more detailed description of the API Lifecycle in the first post, in which we also describe the Plan/Design stage.

API Lifecycle Stage 2: Build/Integrate

After the objectives of the Plan/Design stage are achieved, an API provider can move on to the Build/Integrate stage. This stage entails the real development of the API. This usually means coding an API from scratch, integrating with existing systems, or a mix of both. Based on the paradigms, technologies, or data formats chosen in the Plan/Design phase, this can be more or less complex and time-consuming. Especially for RESTful APIs there is already a plethora of frameworks and libraries available, which help to build such …

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