SimilarWeb APIs Turn Web And Mobile Data Into Global Insights

April 22nd, 2015 |

The SimilarWeb APIs transform huge quantities of data from a diverse variety of sources into meaningful information, giving developers a better snapshot of activity on websites, web and mobile.

By combining data from a powerful crawler with click-stream data from a proprietary panel of tens of millions of users and global ISP data, SimilarWeb compiles a data set that is large enough to eliminate biases and statistical errors typical of smaller scale solutions. These terabytes of raw data are then analyzed by applying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques at SimilarWeb’s data center of dozens of high-end servers.

The result is actionable information that is representative of the entire internet population, available via 18 APIs for web traffic, categories and tags, traffic sources, and mobile.

The insights provided by SimilarWeb make it easy to monitor usage of your app or website, so you can notice trends and either raise a red flag or optimize performance accordingly. The platform is commonly used …

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Surveying 1000 APIs – Think APIs are for Startups Only? Think Again!

June 7th, 2012 |

As the API Ecosystem grows, at 3scale we often asked where growth is fastest and how to characterize certain trends. While this is challenging to do, sites like Programmableweb provides great data of many public APIs and regularly feature trend analysis (see John Musser’s excellent “Hot or Not” Presentation Gluecon for example).

To dig deeper though, we decided to try to classify a snapshot of 1000 of the latest APIs recently registered on Programmableweb, with some surprising results.

The study took the latest 1000 APIs registered in the Programmableweb directory prior to the 2nd of May 2012 and analysed them in various ways. Hence the sample stretches from the 17th of January until the 2nd of May 2012. The directory is now over 6000 APIs and those latest 1000 were added in just 90 days – so it’s recent snapshot and should tell us something. The APIs were classified in a n…

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The Value of APIs for Valuable Data

January 25th, 2012 |

It was interesting to see the discussion on today’s API panel at the IIS 2012 Summit. The panelists covered a range of areas of value but there was also some confusion as to what impacts openness and distribution would have.

Many companies have amazing data assets and these form the core value of their business for their customers. APIs provide the means to create new distribution channels for this data. Specifically, APIs potentially allow distribution to be turned on its head – rather than pushing data out to customers and their bespoke interfaces, APIs enable customers to pull in the data they need and to integrate it into the interfaces where they need it. The real value behind this includes:

  • Enabling new types of customers to access the data who are unable to use the existing interfaces.
  • Enabling customers to specialize their interfaces to the data – tying them more tightly to th…

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Hacking your way to better energy use with the Genability API

June 10th, 2011 |


Genability’s awesome energy APIs will be a Hapihack this weekend, ready to use in order to make power usage smarter and more efficient. Power information – knowing how much energy we use when and where + how much it costs and where it comes from is the first step to making smart decisions about how to live our lives.

The genability team has already posted some great ideas for Apps with the API and a $500 prize for the best Genability powered App :). Some of the most awesome are:

  • Apps to tell you how energy efficient products you see in store are.
  • Figuring out what time of day to run your washing machine to use cheap power
  • or linking power data to foursquare checkins to figure out how energy wise your local Starbucks is.

Check out all the inspirational ideas on the

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