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New VictorOps API Offers Incident Management Flexibility

December 10th, 2015 |

DevOps and IT Teams Rejoice!

This week, real-time incident management platform VictorOps announced new API functionality, releasing its first handful of public API endpoints to eager customers. Developers will now be able to integrate VictorOps into their own apps, allowing DevOps and IT teams to find even more new and exciting ways to use the platform. This will allow enterprise users and other customers to complete critical systems integrations, connecting the VictorOps API with existing legacy solutions. For access, please email product@victorops.com.

With the API, users can customize on-call management, execute ChatOps commands, and build reporting solutions for their unique needs. This will allow users to manage the entire journey of an incident depending on the requirements of their individual organization.

API features include:

  • Reporting, including the ability to filter incident data for relevant information
  • Roll call for visi…

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With Cardstreams.io The Future of Mobile and Web Micro-content is Now

July 28th, 2015 |

New API Makes it Easy to “Cardify” Content

A new card UI metaphor – like those deployed from Google Now, Facebook Paper, Tinder, Pinterest and others – is rapidly being embraced by developers who want to deliver bursts of bite-sized information that is easy to read and act on, especially on mobile devices. For most organizations across multiple industries, the coding required to aggregate and stream public and private data into a usable card UI is a tedious, time-consuming, manual task.

With a stream-based storage and retrieval architecture at the core of its REST API, CardStreams’ pioneering approach makes it simple to create, manage, curate, and distribute bite-size content in activity streams, feeds, or timelines – and display them as cards with a few lines of code. At the heart of CardStreams API is a developer-friendly hosted platform to put micro-content at the center of amazing user experiences on mobile, web, and desktop applications…

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Slice API Lets Developers Connect Users With Their Purchases

July 27th, 2015 |

Get Data On Exact Products, Pricing, Shipment Tracking, Recall Info And Price Drop Alerts

The Slice API provides developers with item-level purchase histories of opted-in Slice service users, enabling developers to build enhanced and personalized experiences for users with online shopping data from more than 500,000 merchants. Once a user has opted into a consumer Slice app which gives online shoppers better ways to manager their purchases, the Slice API draws primarily on the purchases contained in the users email inboxes. The result is extremely high-accuracy data on spending habits including which merchants a user tends to buy from, how much a user spends on different types of products, as well as up-to-date information on the status of any shipments that a user has in flight.

The Slice API powers apps that deal with all aspects of the post-purchase experience. For example they’ve worked with st…

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SimilarWeb APIs Turn Web And Mobile Data Into Global Insights

April 22nd, 2015 |

The SimilarWeb APIs transform huge quantities of data from a diverse variety of sources into meaningful information, giving developers a better snapshot of activity on websites, web and mobile.

By combining data from a powerful crawler with click-stream data from a proprietary panel of tens of millions of users and global ISP data, SimilarWeb compiles a data set that is large enough to eliminate biases and statistical errors typical of smaller scale solutions. These terabytes of raw data are then analyzed by applying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques at SimilarWeb’s data center of dozens of high-end servers.

The result is actionable information that is representative of the entire internet population, available via 18 APIs for web traffic, categories and tags, traffic sources, and mobile.

The insights provided by SimilarWeb make it easy to monitor usage of your app or website, so you can notice trends and either raise a red flag or optimize performance accordingly. The platform is commonly used …

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3D Robotics Releases New Free & Open DroneKit App Platform

March 30th, 2015 |

North America’s largest personal drone company, 3D Robotics (3DR), has announced the release of DroneKit, an SDK and web API (powered by 3scale) which will be free and open to developers. Now you can easily create apps and new functions for 3DR vehicles, and get your drone set up in minutes rather than days. Developers can create mobile, web-based, and even onboard computer apps. DroneKit is also “vehicle agnostic,” meaning it works for 3DR’s planes, copters, and rovers.

“DroneKit abstracts away the hard parts of writing flight control software, leaving you a clean, modern interface to code on.”

With this new app platform, 3DR has lowered the barrier of entry. We can expect to see drone users creating apps that fit more specific use cases. For example, this will make it easier for 3DR’s drones to be used for very specific industrial purposes – in addition to awesome toys and hacks – th…

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TV Listings API Provides Everything You Could Want To Build A TV Guide

March 18th, 2015 |

The TV Listings API provides flexible delivery options for developers to integrate TV Media’s database of television and entertainment data into their apps and websites. The database includes channel lineups by postal code for cable, satellite, antenna and IPTV providers across the U.S. and Canada. It’s updated every two hours, so developers can provide customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

The TV Listings API includes everything your users need to know to decide what to watch. In addition to basic station data — logos and daily schedules for TV, movies, and sports — the TV Listings API provides access to helpful programming details and content such as series and episode descriptions, cast lists and guests, as well as images. The API also allows you to filter TV shows and movies by genre, find movies by star rating, and search for when your favorite actors will be on.

Creative uses abound. For example, TV bloggers might use the API…

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Edamam APIs — Access To The World’s Central Food Database

March 13th, 2015 |

Revolutionizing Nutrition Information

By leveraging its semantic technology against a database of 1.5 million recipes, Edamam aims to revolutionize nutrition information and become the world’s central food database. Now software developers have access to this treasure trove of highly accurate, real-time nutrition and recipe data at a low cost through the Nutrition Analysis API and the Recipe Search and Diet API.

Both APIs take advantage of Edamam’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology, which the Edamam team has developed over the past three years to produce real-time analysis of any recipe or ingredient list. Users get back detailed nutrition information for over 30 nutrients and more than 20 major diets such as vegan, paleo and gluten-free.

The nutrition engine is used by a variety of partners including nutritionists, restaurants, weight loss programs, quantified self companies and recipe sites. Top food publishers like Epicurious and Random Hous…

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Pandorabots’ Chatbot API Makes Amazing Futuristic Solutions Reality

January 28th, 2015 |

Company That Created Muse For Film Her Brings AI As-A-Service To You

Pandorabots allows developers to easily build and deploy chatbots through its “Artificial Intelligence as a Service” API. Think of chatbots as conversational user interfaces. They can be simple programs that execute natural language commands like turn off the lights, or more sophisticated virtual characters that engage the end-user via entertaining dialog and other interactive content. The possibilities are endless, saving countless hours of uninteresting or repetitive communication and enabling businesses to save money and reach customers in novel ways — not to mention the pure awesome-ness.

It’s easy to see the appeal. A developer might use the chatbot API to deploy a virtual assistant programmed to answer frequently asked questions on a company’s website and redirect visitors to relevant web page…

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Lingo24 Language Translation APIs Serve Evolving Business Needs

November 10th, 2014 |

Translation on Tap – Streamlined Through APIs

Tech-savvy translation agency Lingo24’s APIs give businesses access to two streams of translation services — premium machine translation and professional human translation — providing a range of flexible solutions for high quality “translation on tap”.

Translation is becoming an essential service as businesses face new challenges operating across language barriers to communicate with customers and employees around the world. Traditional solutions often can’t address the range of content or rapid deadlines required. Lingo24’s APIs make it possible for developers to create apps to fill in the gaps and provide simple solutions for businesses’ specific requirements in operating multilingually.

Examples of how Lingo24 APIs can be used:

  • Plug in premium machine translation to an instant messaging app to allow colleagues who don’t speak the s…

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DataValidation API helps keep your outbound emails out of spam filters

October 28th, 2014 |

An estimated 247 billion emails are sent each day, roughly 38 messages for each human on earth.1 While that number may seem astronomical, keep in mind that the total number of email accounts worldwide is estimated at over 4 billion, and that number is expected to grow by as much as 27% by the year 2018.2 That explains why email is such a popular tool for marketing teams around the world, and why email deliverability is more crucial than ever.

DataValidation’s API offers a simple way to check the deliverability of an email address. Digital marketing teams can validate emails in a snap, helping to preserve a good sender reputation, while email service providers can utilize the batch API to simplify and automate user onboarding, monitoring, and remediation.

ISPs and corporate email servers filter incoming email in order to reduce the odds that spam is delivered to your inbox; generally speaking this is a good thing, because it means you see less spam (and the…

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