Give Faster Access to Your Developer Portal With GitHub Authentication

December 14th, 2015 |

Reduce Friction And Increase Adoption Of Your API

We have added OAuth 2.0 support to our Developer Portal to reduce signup friction and allow developers to have faster access to your API. We started with GitHub authentication first since it’s the most popular tool among the developer community and plan to add more Identity Providers (IdP) and tools such as Auth0, which provide Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability.

This functionality is now available on all 3scale customer developer portals – make sure to enable it on yours! We expect it to have a positive effect on the number of new developers trying out your API, which should increase adoption. To set it up, these simple steps.

A bit of history…

In the early stages of the Internet, we logged in to digital resources with usernames and passwords. Remember that scary grey box? With the “OK” and “Cancel” buttons? This process has be…

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API Crafting Secrets: into the ConveyAPI

August 21st, 2012 |

We did not set out to create an API. We initially developed Convey as an internal library for use in Converseon’s products and service.”

Interview with Mark Walz VP Product Management at Converseon. You can follow Mark on twitter: @rocketmark

Tell us about the development process of the Convey API
We did not set out to create an API. We initially developed Convey as an internal library for use in Converseon’s products and service. The Convey library has been several years in the making and has involved industry and academic expertise from its inception.

As Convey’s power and accuracy grew, we began to see applications for it outside of our own products and so did our clients. As received inquiries and proposal requests for large volume text analytics, we decided to take the Convey library and make it availab…

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Converseon: enabling integration of its technology into multiple tools and apps via API

July 30th, 2012 |

Ship early and ship often, yet make sure that what you’re shipping is better than existing alternatives.”

Interview with Vidar Brekke, Chief Product Officer at Converseon. You can follow Vidar on twitter: @iVidar

Tell us more about Converseon
Converseon is a 10-year old, independent, full service social media agency and consultancy, with offices in the US and Europe, serving primarily Fortune 1000 clients. We have been recognized by Forrester and Gartner as a leader in Social Intelligence, due, in large part, to our proprietary text analytics technology and social insights practice.

What API(s) does Converseon offer today?
We just released ConveyAPI, a powerful text analytics engine that yields near-human accuracy around sentiment, emotion, intensity and relevancy of social media text, from short tweets to long blog posts. It offers analysis at a documen…

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