Better Digital Marketing Decisions Through Channel Integration And API Management

April 27th, 2016 |

Due to an explosion of digital channels, marketers face complex data analysis and decision making challenges. In this blog post, we’ll show how channel integration and API management can help digital marketers achieve their goals.

A typical digital marketing challenge

In their white paper about The Three Stages Of Digital Marketing Maturity, SnapLogic (who we have an integration with) describe a great use case about a digital marketer who works for an online retailer. She notices a spike in sales of a particular brand of sweaters over the last 48 hours. Through the various channels that she has integrated with Salesforce, she is able to identify that a certain celebrity wore this particular sweater during a talk show, which triggered many tweets. The tweets in turn influenced consumers to search for this sweater onl…

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Building Effective API Programs: Key Success Factors

July 6th, 2015 |

This is the last part of Building Effective API Programs. We’re concluding this series with a “cheat sheet” summary of the key success factors.

In the introduction, we explained that exposing assets via APIs can prove to be extremely valuable but that tackling the technical challenges of building the API is only one aspect. To reap the true benefits of your APIs, there’s a lot more that needs to be addressed.

Your API program should address all elements necessary to describe, deliver, and capitalize on the value of the API. In other words, at the core of an API program is the description of the value of the API – both the value for the organization exposing APIs and the value that API consumers get out of it. Delivery is all about how you make the API available,…

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Building Effective API Programs: API Marketing

June 1st, 2015 |

This is the seventh part of the Building Effective API Programs blog post series. In the previous parts we covered benefits of APIs, alignment between API programs, strategy and business models, API design and implementation, and API operations. In this part, we discuss aspects of how to market your APIs.

API marketing is often see…

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3scale @ APIDays Mediterranea, May 5-7 and PARTY

April 27th, 2015 |

Like last year, we are again very happy to be one of the main supporters and sponsors of APIdays Mediterranea in Barcelona on May 6-7. As a sponsor, we can provide a number of 50% discounted tickets. Get them here.

APIDays is a two day conference about the technology and business of APIs. APIDays Mediterranea is the APIDays edition for the South of Europe, which brings together developers, IT managers, startups, corporations and those involved in the API industry to discuss, learn and share about the future and business of APIs. This year, there will be a special track focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the relevance of APIs for the language industry. As always, the conference has a grea…

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Building Effective API Programs: Introduction

December 4th, 2014 |

Exposing assets (data or services) via APIs can prove to be extremely valuable for an organization. However in most cases, it’s not enough to solve only the technical challenges of opening an API. It can even be counterproductive for the organization if the API does not contribute to the overarching business strategy, if no one knows about it, or if no one adopts it. A well-thought-out API program that surrounds the technical API is paramount.

This is the first part of the Building Effective API Programs blog series. This series is part of a larger collection of ebooks and articles, with which we aim to support decision making and help readers establish successful API-based products.