Craigslist, 3taps, Mashery and API Infrastructure

October 2nd, 2012 |

If you’ve followed the legal dispute between Craigslist and first Padmapper, then 3taps over re-use of their data. you may know that things have taken an even deeper twist. Craigslist has now served a Cease & Desist to Mashery, 3taps API Management service provider. Mashery subsequently dropped support for 3taps.

Whether Mashery did the right thing or not is difficult to judge, but certainly legal action like this puts a company in a very difficult position. As Mashery CEO Oren Michel’s comments – “Copyright is complex and it is very difficult to know who is in the right and who in the wrong”. Furthermore, even if you feel one side is morally in the right, without significant precedent it is hard to predict outcomes of any cour…

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API Management Solution: “As a Service” vs. “Perpetual” licensing model

February 26th, 2012 |

API is a 3 letters acronym that you will have seen all over the Tech Blogs and Tech Media, especially during these last months. Why? Because APIs are the glue between today’s Internet applications, services and technologies. They are the key underlying piece of infrastructure for mobile apps, for enterprise software integration and B2B. APIs are currently redefining how companies develop their products and execute their business.

And just as for any other critical connectivity or integration brick, you will want to control and monitor your API to ensure QoS and SLAs. And as for any new business line you would launch, you will want to and need to define, implement and operate a business model.
3scale provides a Cloud API Management Platform & Infrastructure to achieve precisely this task: enabling developers and companies that wa…

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API Proxies v’s Plugins

June 12th, 2011 |

There’s a nice article over at API Evangelist this morning on the battle for your API proxy. Lots of good things in the article and nice to see comparisons – while broadly the classification works we see things slightly differently though :).

The spirit is right but the label proxy is a little misleading – 3scale in fact doesn’t aim to be a proxy at all (we call it “proxyless” by design) and 3scale’s architecture works in such as way that it never has to see your API traffic at all or get in the way of calls (no proxies to be seen).

It’s better to think of it as a wholly different type of infrastructure: rather more like a

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