APIs and Smart Cities in a Mobile World

February 25th, 2016 |

This week, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress (MWC), we hosted another API meetup in Barcelona about APIs and Smart Cities in a Mobile World. APIs and the Internet of Things are key enablers of the Smart City vision. We discussed a range of topics including IoT, mobile, APIs, API management, and payments.

We kicked the evening off with a keynote talk from Joaquim Alvarez about some challenges city governments face that can be tackled by using technology in a “smart” way. After that’s Kurt Collins spoke about “From Micro to Macro: Connecting and Automating the World with APIs” in which he outlined a general framework for Smart Cities. After that, Jose Gorchs from 3scale …

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Co-hosting a Bitcoin Meetup with TheFamily Next Week in Barcelona

January 7th, 2016 |

Join us at the Technical Introduction to Bitcoin meetup – co-hosted by TheFamily and 3scale – on January 13th, at 19:30 at the 3scale office in Barcelona.

I have written a bunch of articles about banks and APIs, describing how APIs will impact tomorrow’s banking. At 3scale our commitment goes beyond just reviewing what is happening – we want to actively support innovation in this industry.

Together with TheFamily, we’ll be co-hosting the Technical Introduction to Bitcoin meetup next Wednesday (January 13th, at 19:30) in our Barcelona office. Not only will this meetup give you an in-depth look at Bitcoin but you’ll learn how to use it wisely. We’ll also provide food and drinks to fuel some more detailed discussion.

Bitcoin is …

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API Meetup Barcelona: Microservices and API Management

October 29th, 2015 |

This Wednesday, November 4th, we’re hosting another meetup/warm-up party for AWS Summit Barcelona the next day.

The theme of the meetup is “Microservices and API Management”. We’re hosting at our Barcelona office (C. Napoles 187, 7th floor, 08013, Barcelona) and will open doors at 7pm. You can find all the details here.

We’ll have three talks, which will cover a range of topics around microservices and API management. We’ll cover the vision an…

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Announcing stops on our APItour!

June 4th, 2015 |

Atlanta June 11-13 & St. Louis from June 15

As if riding on a bus full of entrepreneurs through a whirlwind startup journey was not enough, we have decided to continue on after StartupBus to meet the startup communities in Atlanta and St. Louis!

We’ll be in Atlanta from 11th to 13th of June. While we’re there, we have couple of local events planned. On June 11, we’ll stop by IronYard to meet students learning programming and share some technical information about the world of APIs. Learning early in their curriculum how to work with and construct APIs could be really valuable on the job market!

Later that day, we’ll organize a meetup – open to everybody – at ATDC. There we’ll discuss the business of APIs, and why it’s so important for many startups to have an API from day 1.

Then on to St. Louis. We’ll have an API happy hour on Monday the 15th at <…

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3scale at Rails Girls Barcelona

March 30th, 2015 |

Last weekend (28 & 29 of March) 3scale sponsored and provided coaches for a Rails Girls Barcelona workshop.

Rails Girls is a community that organizes Ruby on Rails workshops all around the world. Its goal is to help participants (who can be men as well as women) with beginning to learn how to code.

A bunch of us got involved, participating in different ways. Our Solution Engineer Pili was one of the organizers, and our Hacker in Residence Nico and I, a fresh member of the Engineering team, helped with coaching. A couple of our teammates who are new to coding – Ania, our HR Coordinator, together with Etienne from the Sales team – even participated as students.

I am very happy with the outcome of this weekend because in 2013, I was a student in the first

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3scale Hosts First API Meetup in Barcelona

March 9th, 2015 |

At 3scale, we are API nerds, and we are surely not the only ones if you look at the number of API-related events around the world. During the year we participate in a lot of conferences and meetups with the API community, but nothing really existed in our local community of Barcelona besides the yearly APIdays Mediterannea.

We wanted to host a local group for hackers to exchange ideas about APIs and show the world that Barcelona has an active tech scene. This meetup would let local hackers present their work on APIs, as well as give them the opportunity to hear world-class international speakers. We plan to host this meetup regularly, every 3 months at 3scale HQ.

What better time than the week of Mobile World Congress to do the first meetup?

For the first edition, we had the pleasure of hosting the Twitter Advocates team as part of the international tour of the Twitter Flock. Having just arrived from Berlin, Romain and

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3scale To Host The Summer Developer Evangelist Meetup In SF

July 22nd, 2014 |
Summer Evangelist Meetup

On Thursday, July 24th we’ll be hosting the next edition of the San Francisco Developer Advocates Meetup in our San Francisco office. We are thrilled to be hosting The Summer Developer Evangelist Meetup  in our offices on Townsend Street at SOMA Central. This meetup has been around for couple of years and has a great reputation. During the last meetup in April, Steven Citron Pousty shared his ideas around this new job title and what makes a good Developer Evangelist. He gave the same kind of talk at Monki Gras, you can watch it here.

For the upcoming meetup we plan to have lighting talks where Evangelists will share with others tips, tricks and tools that help them to do their jobs – and to help others succeed. So, if you are a Developer Evangelist in the Bay Area or you are interested by this topic, you should join us. You will find more details on…

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