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SF MusicTech Summit – APIs Amplifying the Music Industry

November 8th, 2014 |

New Challenges and Exciting Innovation

Looking at the lineup for next week’s SF MusicTech Summit, you might be surprised to see people, not only from the music and tech industries, but from government and law, as well as artists coming together to discuss this growing vertical.

If you’ll be there, don’t miss Steven Willmott on the API Ecosystem panel moderated by Kin Lane, or come say hello at the 3scale table. 

It’s an exciting time to be talking about music tech, with many advantages and challenges to be met at this intersection. According to PwC, the technological future of the music industry has some significant trends on the horizon. Their infographic provides some insight into major themes in the space.

The rise in music streaming versus downloads is particularly dramatic: “…

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OneMusicAPI to Rule Them All. Music Metadata Collection Simplified

April 16th, 2013 |

With an API even more than other features you have to aim for conceptual integrity to ensure the API contracts survive as long as possible.

Interview with Dan Gravell, founder of Elsten software.
Dan is a software developer made entrepreneur. He is the founder and only person behind Elsten software which produces software and services to enhance people’s experience when it comes to digital music.

Tell us more about Elsten Software
Elsten software employs just one person (me) and is based in London, from my office at home. I started elsten software in 2009 and about a year later got revenues to the point where I could leave my day job and concentrate on the company full time.

The aim of elsten software is to make digital music collections manageable. I don’t just mean allowing them to be editable, I mean enforcing constraints so they are easy to navigate, browse, choos…

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