Building Effective API Programs: API Business Models

January 29th, 2015 |

What is the Right API for the Business Model?

As discussed in the previous post, an API program must be embedded in the overarching business strategy and aligned with business goals. The business model is where the rubber meets the road here – how this API, or these APIs, will interact with existing resources, activities, and partnerships as well the the required cost structure.

Make sure you’re asking the right questions. A common mistake when discussing API business models is to think of the API first. What business model should I adopt for my API? Instead, focus on how an API can be applied to support existing business. What is the right API for my business model? Even in cases where APIs lead to entirely new business opportunities, they generally do so by leveraging existing assets or expertise in new ways.

It’s i…

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SF MusicTech Summit – APIs Amplifying the Music Industry

November 8th, 2014 |

New Challenges and Exciting Innovation

Looking at the lineup for next week’s SF MusicTech Summit, you might be surprised to see people, not only from the music and tech industries, but from government and law, as well as artists coming together to discuss this growing vertical.

If you’ll be there, don’t miss Steven Willmott on the API Ecosystem panel moderated by Kin Lane, or come say hello at the 3scale table. 

It’s an exciting time to be talking about music tech, with many advantages and challenges to be met at this intersection. According to PwC, the technological future of the music industry has some significant trends on the horizon. Their infographic provides some insight into major themes in the space.

The rise in music streaming versus downloads is particularly dramatic: “…

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Senzari’s MusicGraph API: The DJ To Your User’s Personal Soundtrack

September 12th, 2014 |

Pandora May Have Opened The Box – But MusicGraph Has Built A Better One


Senzari’s MusicGraph API is a powerful toolset for music app developers that allows them to personalize their playlist and recommendation offerings beyond just taste – extending to a user’s activities and greater context in some very compelling ways.

MusicGraph combines a massively large music data set on one side – multi-billions of data points – with graph analytics and machine learning engines, social, location, and activity-based user data. The results are truly awesome in scope and they offer a real competitive advantage as developers vie to give consumers increasingly sophisticated and personalized music experiences.

Huge Music Data Set And Semantic Framework Combination

MusicGraph provides an impressive depth and …

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