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Oxford Dictionaries API competition 2017: help the world work, play, and communicate

March 6th, 2017 |

3scale is happy to support the Oxford Dictionaries API competition 2017. Oxford Dictionaries’ world-renowned dictionary data powers search engines, provides definitions in e-readers, and makes predictive text and language-learning software possible. Now they provide an excellent API on top of that.

We invited Kirsty Gibson from the Oxford University Press to publish a guest post on our blog.


At Oxford Dictionaries, we love language, and we want the world to communicate more easily. Since the beginnings of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in 1858, we’ve been looking for ways to provide people with authoritative dictionary content and language advice; and, in the last few years, we’ve made it easier than ever to access our data and content in line with the changing needs of the world.

Perhaps our biggest step…

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