Refelctions on the 25th Anniversary WWW Web Panel: Equality and Neutrality are Key – Even as Programmability Increases

April 9th, 2014 |

This morning’s 25th Anniversary W3C’s panel on the next 25 years of the web was fascinating, with some great people up on stage including Tim Berners-Lee.

The panelists covered key topics including:

  • Don’t take the Web for granted.
  • The Web will reach every part of our lives through the Internet of Things
  • Inequality
  • Education
  • That we’re entering a new era of AI on the Web

The Web has grown phenomenally in the last 25 years and it’s clear that its empowering effect has been widespread. One its the most important missions is to keep spreading access to the Web and extending usage. Tim Berners-Lee’s clear message that we should not take the Web for granted resonates strongly – especially with recent censorship attempts in various countries and questions about Net Neutrality.

The pan…

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