3scale’s nginx-based API Gateway Now Available As Docker Image On Red Hat OpenShift

May 23rd, 2016 |

We are happy to announce the 3scale nginx-based API Gateway is now available as a Docker image on the Red Hat OpenShift PaaS solution. Customers using OpenShift can easily deploy the 3scale API Gateway with a few clicks and leverage multiple additional benefits of this PaaS. Now, any application written on OpenShift can automatically scale up based on demand and can easily be moved to another environment that supports the same languages, preventing vendor dependency and freeing customers from lock-in.

OpenShift is an open source, enterprise-class platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with community and development leadership provided by Red Hat. OpenShift allows application developers to automate hosting, configuration, deployment, and administration for whole application stacks in an elastic cloud environment that scales based on demand. Since OpenShift supports Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration, it also supports microservices efforts. This comb…

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New Stormpath Integration Simplifies Adoption Of OAuth Authentication Flow

May 3rd, 2016 |

Modern app development made easier with 3scale and Stormpath

We’re happy to announce we’ve added a new integration for Stormpath, available for all 3scale plans starting today, which simplifies adoption of the complicated OAuth authentication flow. Our partnership with Stormpath provides complete identity management for 3scale customers and brings radical simplicity to modern app development. 3scale continues to be the best platform on which to build OAuth-powered APIs.

“The integration with Stormpath is the latest step from 3scale in becoming the standard for sophisticated APIs. We know that, due to the complexity of today’s development, in-house options are less feasible. This new partnership will make it easier than ever for API providers to implement a complete identity layer.”
– Steven Willmott, 3scale CEO

The integration is a powerful tool for any API provider who needs identity management. Stormpath is a …

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3scale Joins OpenShift Commons

April 6th, 2016 |

3scale is proud to announce that we’re a member of the OpenShift Commons. OpenShift Commons is a community where users, partners, customers, and contributors come together to collaborate and work together on Red Hat OpenShift.

OpenShift is an open source, enterprise-class, cloud application platform. Community and development leadership is provided by Red Hat, and Red Hat engineers and open source community contributors collaborate to advance this state of the art Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

This perfectly ties in with our partnership with Red Hat, where together we offer a full-stack API solution. The 3scale API Management Platform allows API providers to gain full control, security, and visibility of APIs exposed through Red Hat solutions such as

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3scale Joins with Industry Leaders to be Part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program

February 23rd, 2016 |

Back in November we announced the new 3scale Chef Cookbook to Automate Your API Gateway Deployment. Today we are pleased to be a part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program to Expand DevOps-Ready Technology Ecosystem. We join an esteemed group of Chef partners in the program that is designed to set a new standard in code quality for automating everything from applications to storage resources.

For our part, the 3scale Chef Cookbook allows any Chef user to easily automate the deployment of the 3scale API gateway and connection with the 3scale cloud for easier internal deployments and quicker connection with other services. It’s an enterprise-ready solution for development operations, now available as an option on all free and paid 3scale plans.

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3scale Now Available on the Oracle Marketplace

October 28th, 2015 |

Today we’re happy to announce that 3scale is now listed on the Oracle Marketplace as part of the Oracle Cloud offering. 3scale is also an Oracle Gold Level partner. You can find more info about the partnership in our partners section.

The Oracle Marketplace is an online store to find and immediately start using software and services that run in the Oracle Cloud. Customers already using Oracle Cloud products will appreciate the Oracle Marketplace as a complementary storefront for hundreds of business apps. All apps on the Oracle Marketplace, including the 3scale API Management app, have to pass rigoro…

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New Amazon API Gateway Integration with the 3scale API Management Platform

October 5th, 2015 |

Leverage the Benefits of Both Products

Amazon’s recent launch of the Amazon API Gateway is a clear indication that the idea of opening up access to digital assets through APIs – and using API management to gain visibility and control – is becoming more and more mainstream. As companies think about cloud strategies, they increasingly need to think about API strategies, too. The Amazon API Gateway and the 3scale API Management Platform are two very different but complementary products. We took a close look at the Amazon API Gateway and implemented an integration with the 3scale API Management product to give API providers the best of both worlds.

The Amazon API Gateway represents a classic API gateway, providing a controllable access point for API services. As such, the Amazon API…

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Streaming APIs and the Internet of Things

September 29th, 2015 |

In a recent study, the McKinsey Global Institute concluded that the Internet of Things (IOT) has an economic potential of up to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025. APIs – specifically streaming APIs – enable the IOT vision to become reality. The addition of a real-time streaming proxy and an API management solution addresses some of the unique challenges of these streaming APIs and makes a great combination for any IOT-based enterprise.

Why streaming APIs for the IOT? Some of the so-far-so-good Web technologies in use to support the IOT are quickly becoming too inefficient. The reason? Most of them use HTTP as the protocol transport. By definition HTTP is half-duplex and can only deliver full duplex, real-time communications such as the ones required to monitor real world events at the cost of a higher latency and increased network traffic.

Anticipating the need for better midd…

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Improving Developer Experience With 3scale Partner API Changelog

September 9th, 2015 |

Plus a Special Offer for Our Customers

Today we are very proud to announce a new partnership with API Changelog, a solution that improves and enhances the API developer experience and helps API providers gain more insight into their developer communities. Today API Changelog also announced their inclusion in the Seedcamp startup investment and mentoring program (listed here). To celebrate all this goodness, we have a special offer in which 3scale customers get their API Changelog subscription for free.

API Changelog Service = API Happiness

For API providers

API Changelog takes away the complexity of communicating with API consumers by givin…

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3scale Sponsor Of Endpoint2015 Conference

August 20th, 2015 |

We are happy to announce that 3scale is sponsor of the Endpoint2015 conference in Amsterdam on September 4, 2015.

Endpoint2015 is by API developers, for API developers. There will be two tracks with a mix of generic and platform specific talks; the conference is designed in such a way that whether you’re a PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET or other platform developer, or whether you develop APIs for apps, websites or other clients, there’s always a session that should be of interest.

In addition to the sponsorship, we will also have a talk and demo at Endpoint2015. We will have a joint session with our partner Red Hat and demonstrate our Full Stack API Solution. Below are title and abstract of our talk:

Title: “Integrating, exposing and managing distributed data via REST…

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Announcing New Partnership With API Consulting Expert Perficient

August 19th, 2015 |

In our continuous effort to strengthen our partner network with regional API experts we are happy to announce a further partnership with the API consulting expert Perficient.

Perficient is a leading technology and management consulting firm serving Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America. Perficient’s digital experience, business optimization, and industry solutions enable their clients to improve productivity and competitiveness; strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners; and reduce costs.

Specifically, Perficient has an established API Practice, which makes this partnership trem…

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