Announcing New Adyen Integration

May 17th, 2016 |

Monetize large volumes of API transactions across continents, currencies, and payment methods

We are happy to announce we’ve added Adyen to our portfolio of payment gateway integrations, making it easier for more companies to monetize their APIs. Accepting and managing payments internationally is made even more complicated by exchange rates and local taxes, laws, and regulations – in addition to deciding which of the constantly evolving choices of payment methods to accept. Our new Adyen integration simplifies this process for large enterprises with high volumes of monthly API transactions and companies that do business across continents, currencies, and payment methods. This feature is now available to all API providers on 3scale plans that include billing (Power, Pro, and Enterprise).

Adyen delivers a frictionless payment platform for international businesses to deal with online, mobile, and in-store transactions. It supports about 250 payment methods around the worl…

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New Stripe Integration Available Now On 3scale Platform

November 11th, 2014 |

No More PCI Headaches — Monetization Made Easy with Stripe Integration

We’re pretty excited to announce we’ve integrated the popular Stripe payment option into our Power, Pro and Enterprise plans, allowing customers an easy option for managing developer payments. This new Stripe integration allows API providers to process payments easily, with the solution they prefer. And since 3scale is PCI compliant, API providers don’t have to deal with PCI headaches before charging for their API.

Being able to easily monetize APIs is crucial for many providers. Now, customers don’t have to design a payment flow from scratch. Instead, they can take advantage of our flow proven by customers running their paid API programs on the platform.

Stripe is developer-friendly and widely used among API providers. The company processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of companies of all sizes across both desktop and mobile applications. In fact, our customer FullContact is using the integration a…

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Three New 3scale Cloud APIs enable Enterprises and Developers to Embed API Management Services Seamlessly into their Systems

October 4th, 2011 |
3scale Delivers Plug In Installation for Unlimited Scalability and Easy Integration with CDNs, CRM, ERP and other Enterprise Infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–October 4, 2011– 3scale (, the innovative provider of plug and play Cloud API management infrastructure, today launched three new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed to unleash powerful enterprise capabilities for API billing, access and reporting. The three collections include a user management API for portals and integration with CRM services, a billing API, and an analytics API for push and pull data analysis.

Now with 3scale, enterprise, SMBs, startups and developers have unprecedented direct access to scale and accelerate their API business channel to reach partners, customers and the mobile Web. Viadeo, FullContact and YoLink are among the first to utilize 3scale’s flexible, scalable platfo…

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