Announcing New Adyen Integration

May 17th, 2016 |

Monetize large volumes of API transactions across continents, currencies, and payment methods

We are happy to announce we’ve added Adyen to our portfolio of payment gateway integrations, making it easier for more companies to monetize their APIs. Accepting and managing payments internationally is made even more complicated by exchange rates and local taxes, laws, and regulations – in addition to deciding which of the constantly evolving choices of payment methods to accept. Our new Adyen integration simplifies this process for large enterprises with high volumes of monthly API transactions and companies that do business across continents, currencies, and payment methods. This feature is now available to all API providers on 3scale plans that include billing (Power, Pro, and Enterprise).

Adyen delivers a frictionless payment platform for international businesses to deal with online, mobile, and in-store transactions. It supports about 250 payment methods around the worl…

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API Strategy NYC Conference: Presentations & Slides

March 18th, 2013 |

The 21st and 22nd of February 2013 was the first edition of the API Strategy & Practice conference in NYC.

Created and organized by Kin Lane (@kinlane) and 3scale (@3scale), the conference has been an incredible adventure with a fantastic outcome, beyond expectations!

  • 370 Attendees
  • 75+ Speakers: Laura Merling (@magicmerl), Jeff Lawson (@jeffiel), John Musser(@johnmusser), Daniel Jacobson(@daniel_jacobson), Peter Orlowsky (@porlowsky), John Sheehan (@johnsheehan), Albert Wenger (@albertwenger) and many more!!
  • 25+ Sponsors: Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, Swagger, Nginx, Mashape, Ping Identity…

We are looking forward to the next API Strategy conference!! As soon…

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API Monetization: how to set up tiered API policies & pricing with 3scale

August 17th, 2010 |

One of the most common things you want to do when opening up your API is set access policies for users to ensure everybody gets fair use and system resources aren’t threatened with overuse. Often it also makes sense to apply different policies to different groups of users – basic access for some, more liberal policies for others.

This post now has it’s own set of how-to’s on the 3scale support portal. Check them out here:

Also check out the Hello World API Quickstart Guide.

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