Entering the Platform Age: 3 Key Lessons for Generating Real Platform Value

March 9th, 2016 |

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the awesome APIDays Australia event in Melbourne – congratulations to the team at Sixtree and APIDays for pulling off a great event (check out Frank Arrigo’s great write up!). The “Platforms for Innovation” theme was a great opportunity to go deep on a topic we cover all the time with our customers – how to deliver real value with a platform strategy.

The notion of “becoming a platform” has become ingrained in today’s IT and product discourse: platform strategies can transform markets (Uber is a prime example) and be the foundation for internal innovation. Unfortunately, despite the buzz it can be very hard to both pin down the real value of a platform to your organization and subsequently to really deliver. In the talk we cover both the value of platforms and the focus needed to …

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New White Paper: The Unseen Enablers Of Platforms

April 7th, 2015 |

Today we publish a new white paper which I wrote together with Sangeet Paul Choudary. Sangeet is Founder and CEO of Platform Thinking Labs and best known for his work on platform business models and multi-sided network effects. He is also a widely published industry analyst, C-level advisor, educator at leading universities and blog author. It was great to have him share his expertise and we had many fruitful discussions together. The outcome is the white paper:

The Unseen Enablers Of Platforms: Interfaces and Access

In the article we present the argument that building businesses on pl…

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From Value Chains to Value Networks – 3scale at APIdays

June 5th, 2014 |

In an earlier post, we described 3Scale involvement in the APIdays series of events and especially the most recent APIdays Mediterranea in Barcelona. In this post, I summarize my talk “APIs: From Value Chains to Value Networks” which I gave on the morning May 30th. You can find the slides on slideshare and embedded at the end of this post.

Setting The Context

My intention was to describe the current evolution from value chains to value networks, which is to a great extent enabled via APIs. Related to this I wanted to highlight some of the benefits that come with that evolution (such as new business models) but also some challenges. These challenges are mainly relevant for API providers but also affect API consumers (i.…

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The Five Elements Of Software Engineering For Mobile (Part 2)

April 22nd, 2014 |

This is the second part of our series about the five elements of software engineering for mobile. Part one was about the main differences and challenges of software engineering for mobile vs “conventional” software engineering.

This blog post series is based on a keynote talk to computing students at the Imperial College, London, during the kick-off event for their summer group projects, aimed at the development of an innovative web or mobile-based app. The talk should help the students getting a more holistic view about software engineering for mobile and highlight the following five key elements:

  1. Make the right technical platform choice for your context…

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The Five Elements Of Software Engineering For Mobile (Part 1)

April 10th, 2014 |

I was invited to give a keynote talk to computing students at the Imperial College during the kick-off event for their summer group projects, aimed at the development of an innovative web or mobile-based app. I was asked to talk about the specifics of software engineering for mobile. Based on this, we are launching a six part blog post series to summarize the content of this talk.

Because my audience were all computing students, I wanted to present content that goes beyond “just” technological aspects – assuming this is stuff they know already anyway or can easily figure out. I thought about key elements that perhaps don’t guarantee success but could at least increase the chances of launching a successful mobile app or product. Here are five k…

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