First day of StartupBus 2015

June 5th, 2015 |

4:30am on a Thursday morning. That’s when the journey began. That might sound early to most of you, but for the crazy buspreneurs, it’s normal – just part of the adventure – and we have to earn it ;)

All the San Francisco buspreneurs met at the StartupHouse just few hours after the kick-off party we hosted at 3scale HQ ended. Even with very little sleep, we were super excited to get started building our projects! Bill, our conductor, welcomed everybody on to our cozy little shuttle bus and described the agenda of the day: buspreneurs will introduce themselves, pitch their ideas, form teams, and get started right away. In just a few hours, two teams were created, Screet and Luvvid. Before we knew it, there were only a few hours left to prepare before presenting our projects for the first time to p…

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3SCALE Official API Partner of Smart Transportation & Energy Accelerator Startupbootcamp Berlin

September 2nd, 2014 |

Looking Forward to The Next “Transportation Miracle”

We’re proud to announce 3SCALE as the official API partner of  the Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator — Startupbootcamp in Berlin. We’ll provide assistance to the eleven startup teams chosen for this accelerator program and be their partners in all things API. This includes design, technology, strategy, marketing, and adoption — essentially an effort to provide them every advantage in their endeavors. As part of this we’re sponsoring the

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Heard of Plumer, Optimizely for Tinder ? #StartupBus

March 4th, 2014 |