StartupBus day 2

June 7th, 2015 |

My last post ended with us flying from Las Vegas to Atlanta. We arrived at 6am, tired after the flight. Compared to teams on the other buses, we had “lost” 6 hours of potential work and progress on our products, so the pressure was on to make things happen.

Just after we landed, we went to the hotel where our buspreneur buddies from Florida were staying. Combining the two buses had been a great surprise for all of us. Now we were part of a SuperBus with two great new projects and teams from Florida: BlockMafia and Ambulo. The merge really helped us focus on what we were doing by giving us insight into how other teams were performing. For example, BlockMafia managed to be the first of any team on StartupBus to get coverage in the news, on the Tampa Bay Business Journal, and Ambulo launched an

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Riding StartupBus North America 2015

May 13th, 2015 |

Route 66 in the US, Abbey Road in London, Champs-Élysées in Paris – these roads have inspired many songs, movies, and stories. It’s time to make some new routes famous, among them: the path from San Francisco to Nashville.

In early June, hundreds of hackers and entrepreneurs (“buspreneurs”) from 7 major cities in the US and in Mexico will take to the open road for the best 3-day trip of their lives. But there will be no time for sightseeing. They will be hacking day and night. They will have only 3 days to invent a brand new startup and go through their entrepreneur journey.

On the road, they will struggle with the same questions that entrepreneurs face everyday: What is the problem they are trying to solve? How are they solving it? Who will buy it? How should they promote their product? Is it time to pivot?

And unlike a normal hacking competition, the deadline to finish your project is real – it’s physical – because once the bus arrives in Nashville, it’s over. Then…

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Imagining a Pied Piper API

April 30th, 2015 |

At 3scale we’ve been following the amazing story of Pied Piper, the hot new startup of Silicon Valley, for more than a year now. We were in the audience when they won TechCrunch Disrupt, and we’ve gotten really excited about the potential of the team.

When we heard about their compression algorithm – you know us – we immediately thought of wrapping it into an API, which is way easier to offer than a codec. A codec means people have to integrate it into their applications and write specific code to make it work on all the platforms. Without support from industry leaders, it won’t be widely adopted. Instead, using a Pied Piper API, you could compress and decompress a file in just a few lines of code. It’s as simple as an HTTP request, and it’s available right now on Mac, Windows, Linux and even mobile. Imagine if you are using Dropbox or Bitcasa to store your files, just put Pied Piper in the middle, a…

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Collaboration with TheFamily Paris Entrepreneurship Program

December 11th, 2014 |

We are proud to announce 3scale’s collaboration with TheFamily, a unique entrepreneurship program in Paris. We will help startups in their API journey, from design to adoption, providing mentorship to help participants run a successful API program.

We hosted a workshop on December 5th, just after APIdays, to kick off our collaboration with some insights about API economy and the API lifecycle. We had about 30 people interested to know more, which resulted in an interesting conversation around API management solutions and monetization of APIs.

The video (in French) should be online pretty soon, and you can already find the slides here on SlideShare.

This was our first time organizing a workshop like this with a French startup program, and we hope to be doing more in the comin…

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StartupBus Final Day – Winners Judged by Tech Evangelist Royalty

March 19th, 2014 |

The 4th out of 4 posts about my StartupBus 2014 experience.

After 4 crazy intense days and experiences we finally made it to the final day of our StartupBus journey. Everyone could tell that the pressure was on. While the finalists tried to make the most of every second before the final pitches began, everyone else listened to couple of educational speeches from people well known in the tech community.

The first speaker was Robert Scoble, the Startup Liason from Rackspace. He is well known for his blog, Scobleizer, and discovers and reports on cutting edge technology. The second speaker was Guy Kawasaki. Guy was one of the first evangelists for Apple in the 1980s. He is known for writing multiple books and giving charismatic and educational speeches to the startup community. In 2013 he became an advisor for Motorola at Google. Both gentlemen were part of the panel for the final judging. What a honor! The other talented judges were…

Liz Crawford– CTO at Birchbox

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StartupBus Journey Day 4

March 17th, 2014 |

The 3rd out of 4 posts about my StartupBus 2014 experience.

We made it to our hotel in San Antonio, TX around 1:00AM on Wednesday morning. Finally, all the Buspreneurs were under one roof. After our complimentary breakfast, we all piled back into the buses and converged at Rackspace, our new home for the next 2 days. An appropriate nickname for the place is “The Rackspace Castle” because it resides in an abandoned converted mall.

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StartupBus NYC Day 3

March 5th, 2014 |

It’s day 3 of the StartupBus and you can tell that the pressure is on! The bus is almost silent besides a few hustlers fine tuning their pitches.  We hit a snag in our journey last night traveling between Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR.  There had been an ice storm the night before and the entire highway was covered in multiple inches of ice. On the plus side, when you’re only driving a few MPH you can get a better internet signal. It took over 6 hours to drive 37 miles so we are grateful we made it safely to the hotel around 3:00AM!