Handle API support questions with a chatbot

March 28th, 2017 |

This is it! Finally, sell all your things and buy a one-way ticket to a paradise island, robots will automate conversations with customers for you!

Sounds like a dream? We are getting there, slowly, but the space is really promising for API people like us.

At 3scale we predict for 2017 that robots and AI will drive API adoption. Platforms like Facebook, Slack and Telegram are opening their APIs to let third-party developers build conversation-based experience inside messaging applications.

In November 2016, the Barcelona chapter of APIdays was dedicated to this new trend. We had awesome talks from NLP providers like

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3scale Support’s Top 5 All-Time Troubleshooting Favorites

June 30th, 2016 |

Working at 3scale support means that we get to see and work with a lot of great APIs and setups. However, getting things up and running at the beginning isn’t always plain sailing and it’s not uncommon to hit some snags along the way. Luckily, we have an arsenal of great tools and services that we use to make both our lives and those of our customers much easier. So here we go – in true countdown style, we’ll start at number 5:

5. Inspect.lua

At number 5, we have a Lua library written by 3scale alumnus kikito. Inspect allows you to transform any Lua object into a human-readable format. It is especially useful when debugging the state of various variables in Lua, such as when inspecting the request parameters sent to the API gateway. If you are doing more esoteric Lua programming, you can also use it in conjunction with the getmetatable() built-in Lua function to see the fields and operations availabl…

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Free API Strategy Sessions with 3scale Signups [Sign Up now to grab the chance!]

June 28th, 2012 |

Getting your API launched can be a big challenge – and not just technically! Often there are open strategy, technical, business model and other questions which need answers before you can take the plunge. Or maybe you have an API and you’d like it to fly higher!

To help work through these questions and give you the best start possible, sign up for 3scale before the end of the weekend and you’ll get a FREE API Strategy Session with key people from the 3scale team. We’ll share experiences from the field and drill down into specific challenges you want to cover (guaranteed no sales pitches!).

Sign up (accounts are Free) before the end of Sunday 1st of July to take advantage of this offer!

We can cover:

  • Overall API Strategy: What is worth releasing, when and how – how to generate value rather than simply extra cost + how to communicate …

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