Launching the Linux Foundation Open API Initiative to Help Drive the Web of APIs

November 5th, 2015 |

We’re proud to be supporting the launch of the new Linux Foundation collaborative effort for Web APIs: the Open API Initiative (see the announcement here). The initiative will take forward the great foundational work done under the Swagger banner by Tony Tam and others to create a new, more formal description format for Web APIs, provisionally called OADF – Open API Description Format.

At 3scale, we strongly believe that description formats such as this – specifically shared open description formats – are a fundamental cornerstone of API development and adoption. They enable tooling innovation, adoption, clarity of API specifications, and help guide design.

It’s a great sign that key industry players such as ourselves, Apigee, Capital One, Google, IBM, Intuit, Microsoft, Pay…

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APIs.JSON: Bootstrapping The Web of APIs

May 20th, 2015 |

It’s been a year since we first published APIs.JSON together with Kin Lane and APIEvangelist and the idea has taken hold in all sorts of ways – not least in the 900+ APIs now listed on APIs.io using the format.

Yesterday’s awesome APIStrat un-workshop at Gluecon (80+ people all talking API service definitions) was a great opportunity to reflect on what APIs.JSON really means. Here are the slides from the talk:

NEWS – 3scale Now Supports Improved Swagger 2.0 in ActiveDocs

May 19th, 2015 |

API Providers Can Create, Preview and Edit Swagger Specs with Latest Tools, and API Developers Can Explore APIs Live From Provider Documentation

We use Swagger to help our customers offer better and easier to understand interactive API documentation for their users with ActiveDocs. And by integrating Swagger into our product’s developer portal we help make the experience simple, fast and delightful for API consumers. We were onboard with Swagger from the start and continue to support and contribute to the standard. We’re pretty excited about announcing this at Gluecon today.

Specifically, 3scale’s API provider customers can use ActiveDocs to create, preview and edit API specifications using the latest version of the Swagger user interface. Developers can also use ActiveDocs to make test calls against provider APIs and get details on cURL commands needed for testing as well as operations groupings, and support for complex data types including hash, array and custom.

Developers can also see which ActiveD…

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Guest Post: Swagger for the Masses

April 7th, 2015 |

Editors Note: Since the announcement of next steps for Swagger by SmartBear and Tony Tam a couple of weeks ago, there’s been a activity and discussion around how a vendor neutral way forward could be forged — a testament to the strength of community and how far Swagger has come. SmartBear have been working hard on this and wanted to post some of their thoughts and plans which you can find below.

We’re looking forward to engaging in this and to a bright future for Swagger!

Swagger for the Masses

Wow – it’s been quite a week since we announced that SmartBear has taken over the stewardship of the Swagger project from Reverb. Overall reception has been overwhelmingly positive – supportive blog posts from companies like Apigee and 3Scale together with a lon…

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3scale And API Evangelist Announce APIs.io Search Engine At 800+ APIs

November 20th, 2014 |

Worlds First Open Source APIs.io Search Engine Now Lists Many Popular APIs – Google, Twilio, Fitbit, Twitter, Spotify and More


Today, 3scale and API Evangelist are stoked to announce that the APIs.json metadata format for Web API discovery and it’s accompanying open source APIs.io Search Engine reached 800+ APIs. Both the format and the search engine are open source and public to make it super easy to organically discover APIs on the public Web.

We announced the first version of this prototype in May of 2014 with a goal of reaching 500 APIs in six months. In that time, numerous organizations have listed their own APIs in the new format, and curated lists have also sprung up. Among the searchable APIs on APIs.io are Google Prediction API, Twi…

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Interactive API Documentation: the New API Console for Developers

January 24th, 2012 |

One of the consistent concerns of API providers is the experience they provide to their users and how they can make their API documentation user friendly, interactive, intuitive and clear.

At 3scale when we are asked how to make it faster and easier for developer to interact with an API without hesitation we say “Swagger”

Swagger is a powerful Open Source Framework enabling API documentation and exploration in a friendly and easy way. It lets developers learn, play, test and debug every single element of your API and makes their life simpler when it comes to developing apps. Swagger is an improved version of an API Console.

You can download the Swagger framework from http://swagger.wordnik.com/.

Swagger Framework Overview

Swagger is language-agnostic. However Wordnik (the creator of the Interactive API documentation) has…

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