Rails + jspm >= ECMAScript 6 awesomeness

June 26th, 2015 |

From the buzz on Twitter and blog posts, you could feel that ECMAScript 6 was finally coming. It has many things we’ve wished for for years, so it makes sense to start new projects with it in mind.

ECMAScript 6

Others have written in depth about various ECMAScript 6 features. I’d like to focus just on one: module loading. There is no common way to load your ES6 modules natively in the browsers. For example babel, has support for three different module loaders. There was a System dynamic module loader included in the ES6 specification, but in the end it was removed and work continued as WhatWG loader spec. Yes, you can define modules, classes, export them, and import them, but there is no way how to load them across files. This also means that the

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Free API Strategy Sessions with 3scale Signups [Sign Up now to grab the chance!]

June 28th, 2012 |

Getting your API launched can be a big challenge – and not just technically! Often there are open strategy, technical, business model and other questions which need answers before you can take the plunge. Or maybe you have an API and you’d like it to fly higher!

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We can cover:

  • Overall API Strategy: What is worth releasing, when and how – how to generate value rather than simply extra cost + how to communicate …

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